How Do You Gender?

Operational Definitions: Sex is biological. This is your DNA, your genitalia, and any physiological marker of male and female. Gender is socially constructed (Berger 1967). This is a fluid construct that can change over time and context. It is your behavior at any given moment. A century ago, it was proper for a “man” to … Continue reading How Do You Gender?

Critical Thinking in the Modern Age

Why? It is one of the first questions we articulate as children, yet we often forget to ask it as adults. Perhaps we were told too often by our parents to stop asking, and we listened too well. Perhaps we should start asking it more often. Why do I want this job? Why do I … Continue reading Critical Thinking in the Modern Age

My GOP Debate Analysis

In order of winner to loser: Ted Cruz-Everything he said is exactly what I believe, and his delivery was eloquent, intelligent, and honest. He is a virtually flawless speaker, and I love that he had statistics or examples of every one of his positions. Marco Rubio-I disliked one part of one answer. When talking about … Continue reading My GOP Debate Analysis

Why Social Conservatives are Losing Society

Life is a battlefield, and we are waving the white flag. Whether you like it or not, the culture war has been, is, and will be on your doorstep. The villainous, tyrannical forces of evil pervade your soul and your children every time you turn on the television or leave the house to go to … Continue reading Why Social Conservatives are Losing Society

Has the Church Lost its Fight?

I just watched a documentary on Netflix called “Fight Church” about the increasing number of American pastors and churches that not only accept, but participate in mixed martial arts. The argument that the movie makes is this: should Christians engage in an activity that inevitably ends with two people trying to physically harm one another? … Continue reading Has the Church Lost its Fight?