A Stream of Non-Consciousness

The invariable veracity of vociferous verbiage carries with it the weight of the inevitable disinterest of the topic of discussion. American illiteracy and apathy in education have decreased enlightened and rational thought. We have abandoned the use of polysyllabic linguistics for the parlance of colloquialisms. Yet, there are many who believe the millennial generation to … Continue reading A Stream of Non-Consciousness


Evil is NOT a Social Construction

As a Christian social scientist, my personal views are often at odds with those of my peers. That is not to say that I cannot apply sociological thought and theory to the world around me. In fact, I believe it gives me a unique perspective in both the academic and religious worlds. I believe that … Continue reading Evil is NOT a Social Construction

Social Media, Biblical End Times, and the Inevitable Trump

A recent conversation in my church small group really got me thinking about where we are headed as a society. I have no doubt that my group is full of well-intentioned, reasonable people who truly do their best to walk with God. That being said, we had a pretty interesting disagreement over media and social … Continue reading Social Media, Biblical End Times, and the Inevitable Trump