A Stream of Non-Consciousness

The invariable veracity of vociferous verbiage carries with it the weight of the inevitable disinterest of the topic of discussion. American illiteracy and apathy in education have decreased enlightened and rational thought. We have abandoned the use of polysyllabic linguistics for the parlance of colloquialisms. Yet, there are many who believe the millennial generation to be of more superior intellectual stock than our forefathers who conducted themselves with a manner of sophistication that would boggle the minds of the mealy-mouthed miscreants who misrepresent their elders as ignoramuses.

The rest of us are simply doomed to a disastrous and preposterous future involving pseudo-science and scientism masquerading as empirical scientific evidence. Gender is not genetic and human life is only potential, so long as it remains unborn. Some truths are no longer self-evident, and we have failed to systematically disinfect against the disease of megalomania permeating our higher institutions that have dragged us to this moment in history.

Knowledge no longer percolates, but stagnates as the porous sections of our minds are closed to information that is not related to celebrity shenanigans. We have become athletic supporters relegated to learning sports stats rather than social statistics while society slips past us and interrupts our regularly scheduled programming with breaking news of the decimation of American values that shocks, awes, and appalls us until the commercial break is over and we embrace the reality on our television sets.

And now, back to your regularly scheduled deprogramming.


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