The Trinity: A Triune God, Man, and Three Heavens.

Sets of threes are very prominent throughout The Bible. First and foremost is the Holy Trinity consisting of God the Father, God the Son (Jesus Christ), and God the Holy Spirit (or Holy Ghost). There is also a Satanic Trinity that appears in the book of Revelation. This is Satan, the False Prophet, and Antichrist. … Continue reading The Trinity: A Triune God, Man, and Three Heavens.

The Power of the Image

The image is an intriguing construction. Not only visible, an image can also be produced through sound and touch. We can even close our eyes and create an image that is unique to our imaginations. There are natural images, such as forests or mountains. There are also socially constructed images, which are pretty much anything … Continue reading The Power of the Image

My Thoughts on the FBN GOP Debate

My thoughts on the GOP debate on Fox Business. **Disclaimer: I am a registered Independent, but I lean heavily Libertarian. I will more than likely vote for one of these people over any Democrat candidate. Ted Cruz: I believe he won the debate. He was clear, concise, answered the questions, and did not come off … Continue reading My Thoughts on the FBN GOP Debate

The Postmodern World

I want us all to really think hard about this: There will be people voting in the next election who have no personal connection to America prior to George W. Bush. There is a massive voting bloc who were 3 years old when the World Trade Center went down. There are millions of eligible voters … Continue reading The Postmodern World

Ten Rules for Improved Voting

Election season is upon us, and between the media distortions, public shaming of your beliefs, and peer pressure to vote the way your family and friends do, you may desperately be seeking advice on how to make a proper voting decision. Here is my guide to choosing the best candidate for you. Remember your principles: … Continue reading Ten Rules for Improved Voting