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My Presidential Platform

This would be my plan if I were to ever run for POTUS.


I support a flat, fair, or consumption tax. I would eliminate corporate capital gains taxes and close loopholes. If flat or fair taxation is implemented, families making $50,000 or less would pay nothing. If I could pass a consumption tax, I would work to keep the Earned Income Credit for those same families.


Eliminate all federal standards and the Department of Education. Let the state and local governments deal with state and local schools.


Secure our southern border with the National Guard and veteran volunteers while a proper structure-whether fence or wall—is constructed. Enforce existing laws, and deport any illegal immigrants found through arrests, hospitalization or the E-Verify system. Prosecute any business hiring illegals or any public facility that does not report the presence of illegals. Use the funds from prosecution for deportation.

I would also clarify that regardless of what the courts find about the 14th amendment, illegal immigrant parents who have children here are not welcome. They can either take their kids with them, or leave them here if the courts support birthright citizenship.


Repeal Dodd-Frank, abolish the IRS, eliminate the EPA, audit the Federal Reserve—possibly abolish it. End NSA warrantless spying. Eliminate Homeland Security. No more bailouts.

Advocate for term limits for Congress and the Supreme Court.

Reform executive orders and other methods of bypassing checks and balances.


Repeal Obamacare, and replace it with nothing. The federal government has no business being involved in private health insurance—including blocking interstate commerce.

Medicaid and Medicare should serve as a safety net, but should be temporary and income based. Also, fraud needs to be addressed.


Phase them out, but allow for tax credits for privatization of welfare, food stamps, child care, and other basic services.


Do not interfere in other countries’ local skirmishes. When US interests are at risk, we should exhaust all options before military engagement. When we do engage, however, we destroy the enemy until they are eliminated or surrender completely.

Criminal Justice System:

The CJS must be reformed, but at the state and local levels. Suggest removal of mandatory minimum sentences. Studies show that we need swift punishment and reformation, rather than a lifetime of incarceration for minor offenses to reduce recidivism.

Legislating morality:

Abortion, drugs, gay marriage, and other morally divisive issues should be determined by the states. None of these institutions need be federally funded.

Remove government from marriage altogether. You should not need permission to wed someone you love. However, any co-habitating group should have access to healthcare and hospital visitation rights. Those seeking to file joint taxes in hopes of receiving the EIC should apply for a state civil union license.

Most of all:

Uphold the Constitution and amend it through proper channels, not by decree. Enforce all laws. There needs to be more power given to the states, as they are nearer to the will of the people than the federal government.

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