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My Thoughts on the FBN GOP Debate

My thoughts on the GOP debate on Fox Business.

**Disclaimer: I am a registered Independent, but I lean heavily Libertarian. I will more than likely vote for one of these people over any Democrat candidate.

Ted Cruz: I believe he won the debate. He was clear, concise, answered the questions, and did not come off as petty. Plus, I agree with all of his answers.

Rand Paul: Rand finally showed up to a debate. He is very good on the economy, and does not shy away from his clear differences with the others on the military and climate change. Although I disagree with him on some issues, knowing that he would not use the government as a weapon to enforce his personal beliefs is enough for me to endorse him regardless.

Marco Rubio: Another solid performance. Marco is consistently in my top three, and I could see myself voting for him. I was not wowed, but not at all disappointed.

Donald Trump: I would NEVER cast a vote for this man, but I believe he did well at this debate. I cannot back his tax plan and his immigration plan is unrealistic at best. He is actually pretty decent on foreign policy and great on veterans’ affairs. I just don’t trust him at all.

Carly Fiorina: She was a little bit more low-key. Her performance was in the middle for me. She was not great, but not terrible.

Ben Carson: I believe he is a great and honorable man. I just do not think he has a command of ANY issue. He is behind the pack on the economy, foreign policy, and social issues. His idea of a dual minimum wage is awful, he was for gun control before he was against it, and he is obviously learning on the fly. He also comes very close to vanishing at the debates. That is not the mark of a great leader, especially in a field that has several.

Jeb Bush: He keeps showing why George W. passed him by and became president first. Jeb is bumbling, rambling, petty, and looks confused most of the time. He is as terrible a public speaker as W., but without the personality. His policies are antithetical to almost everything I believe in—he wants more government to fix government.

John Kasich: He would be a formidable Democrat candidate. His record in Ohio is sketchy—ask anyone who actually lives there. Moreover, he comes off like the grumpy uncle who complains about the “kids these days” at family functions. Like Jeb, he is a big government progressive who is only slightly to the right of Hillary and Obama.

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