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Notes on Numbers 5-6

CHAPTER 5 God, whose name is Jealous (Exodus 34:14), has some pretty strong laws against adultery. If a man becomes jealous of his wife (as God is jealous when we go astray), he should take her before the priest and make an offering. The priest is to take an “earthen vessel” and fill it with… Continue reading Notes on Numbers 5-6

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Notes on Numbers 3-4

Numbers 3 and 4 are various lists concerning the Levite priests and their specific roles. Three sons of Levi, Gershon, Kohath, and Merari were responsible for moving and maintaining the components of the tabernacle. They were not to be soldiers. The firstborn of the Levites especially belonged to God. Their priesthood was to begin at… Continue reading Notes on Numbers 3-4

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Notes on Numbers 1-2

The book of Numbers begins with, you guessed it, numbers. The first two chapters lists the leaders of the tribes and numbers the armies from each tribe except the Levites, as their job is to set up, tear down, maintain, and move the tabernacle and its contents. The soldiers are only men who are 20… Continue reading Notes on Numbers 1-2