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Supernatural Stories in Scripture

I have always had a fascination with the supernatural. I remember watching horror movies as a kid and I studied the paranormal in college (you can read my Master’s thesis here). I have watched movies – including documentaries and “reality” tv shows, read fiction books, researched academic documents, and even went on “paranormal investigations” as… Continue reading Supernatural Stories in Scripture

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Daily Walk (Part 4) – Prayer

We have already covered the basics of the daily walk and Bible study, but what about talking to God? This is the part of my daily walk that I most often take for granted, but I am sure that I am not alone. I hope (and pray) that my own prayer life improves after this… Continue reading Daily Walk (Part 4) – Prayer

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Daily Walk (Part 3) – Bible Study

Now that we know how vital it is to have a healthy Daily Walk with the Lord, I wanted to go into some strategies on how to better communicate with God. Remember that the primary means in which God speaks to us is through the Scripture. If we are going to hear Him properly, we… Continue reading Daily Walk (Part 3) – Bible Study

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Daily Walk (Part 2)

A daily walk is vital to our existence as Christians in a world owned and operated by the Devil and his systems. Likewise, there are some vital requirements to having a successful daily walk and there are vital signs by which to measure our walk. Vital Requirements Communication is vital to any relationship, and even… Continue reading Daily Walk (Part 2)

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A Portrait of an American Christian

Many of us are aware of the story of Lot, especially when it comes to the portion about Sodom and Gomorrah. We often think of him as a man who compromised his beliefs and conformed to the wickedness of Sodom; a man who offered his own daughters to the sexual perverts of the city that… Continue reading A Portrait of an American Christian

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The Case for the Cultural Study of Religion

RELIGION AND CULTURE  Rituals, symbols, and myths have been at the forefront of the Sociology of Religion since Durkheim (1915) wrote of the prominence of beliefs, rights, and rituals in the worship of social life. Naturism, animism, and totemic beliefs are mostly bygone religions – relics of a pre-industrialized world, but Durkheim predicted that religion… Continue reading The Case for the Cultural Study of Religion

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American Secularization and Media Depictions of End Times

INTRODUCTION  Media Influence  Art has always had an influence on society, even if that influence is more indirect than the artist intended. In the “age of mechanical reproduction” (Benjamin 1969[1936]), the aura of art may not be as strong as the medium of film and television has eclipsed the close distance of the stage. The… Continue reading American Secularization and Media Depictions of End Times