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Gender Identity Disorder is not Heroic

According to research , 1 to 5% of American teachers are pedophiles (that we know of). 1.2% to 5.6% of the American population is LGBT (only .3% are “trans). One of these conditions is considered to be a detestable outlier. They are statistically and psychologically “abnormal”; some mentally ill freak show that preys on the innocent and weak. The other is considered “normal” and should be celebrated on magazine covers and with massive interviews where they will be later hailed as heroes for their honesty.

Seriously. 5% of a population is supposed to be considered not only “normal”, but downright heroic. Now let’s consider some other groups that are considered to be “extremist”, or “outside the norm”.

10-30% are in the Tea Party (that’s at least double the LGBT movement).

19% believe that Bigfoot is “definitely” or “probably” real.

About 6% of Muslims are believed to be extremists (terrorists or funders of terrorism).

11% of Americans are Communists (twice the LGBT)

20% of Americans believe that Socialism is better than Capitalism.

1.7% of the US population identifies as Alaskan/Native American–pretty close to the number of gay men (1.8%). How many of them have you seen out and about?

Yet none of these groups are seen as “mainstream.” They are not redefining American institutions (unless you give the Tea Party credit for the Republican surge in Congress—which is vastly different from redefining marriage and gender) or getting television personalities removed from the airwaves.

Are we losing our collective minds? How has this one single class of abnormal anomalies become so revered by our society? Seeing the media fawn over Michael Sam and Bruce (sorry, Caitlyn) Jenner is unbelievably disturbing to me. I am not even that old, but the “when I was a kid” line makes me sound like I am fifty.

The moral shift in society over the past ten years has been astounding. In just 2008, Barrack Obama knew that he had to oppose gay marriage in order to be elected President. In next year’s election, most candidates will support it. We have gone insane in ignoring insanity, and very few are better for it. Sure, the LGBT community can be more open and have less risk of persecution, but should we alter the moral code of society for a mere 5% of the population? Rather than live and let live, we are punishing those who do not agree with such an extreme minority.

Soldiers, police, and fire fighters are actual heroes who are now seen as villains, while someone who opposes their own physiological makeup is being exalted. We are in trouble.

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Click to access c2010br-10.pdf

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