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The Case for Cruz

There are several polarizing candidates in the 2016 election. Many people feel exceptionally strong about Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, and Ted Cruz. These four are the candidates that people really either love or hate.

I would argue that three of these deserve the label of unelectable. One, however, stands apart from the rest, and I would like to explain why I feel this way.

First and foremost, context matters.

Ted Cruz is the son of a Cuban immigrant. Rafael Cruz actually joined with Fidel Castro in his revolution against Batista. When he discovered Castro’s Communist vision and disenchanted with the cause, Rafael, severely beaten by the Batista regime and in fear for his life, fled to the United States. He would later convert to Christianity, adopt a strong belief in the freedom promised by the Constitution, and eventually become an Evangelical pastor.

The life of the father directly ties into why I believe that Ted Cruz truly appreciates The Constitution.

From a very early age, Rafael instilled the importance of freedom and religion into Ted; even forcing him to memorize and recite the Constitution without pause. Ted Cruz was bred to be President. Rafael taught him to speak without “umms” and “uhhs” typical of most who engage in public speaking. This is why Ted seems so “polished” when he speaks. He was simply raised to be like that. It’s not because he is a politician, it’s because perfection is ingrained in him.

Ted’s life is full of achievements. Here are just a few of his accomplishments:

  • Member of the “Free Market Education Foundation” (while still in high school)
  • High School Valedictorian (1988)
  • Top speaker at US National Debating Championship (1992)
  • Top speaker at the North American Debating Championship (1992)
  • US National Speaker of the Year (1992)
  • American Parliamentary Debate Association- Team of the Year (1992)
  • Senior thesis argues IN FAVOR of the Constitution’s power to stop an all-powerful federal government
  • Cum Laude from Princeton University (1992)
  • Semi-finalist in the World Debating Championship (1995)
  • Princeton names a championship trophy after Cruz
  • Magna Cum Laude- Juris Doctor from Harvard (1995)
  • Law clerk for William Rehnquist (1996)
  • Argued cases supporting the NRA, impeaching Bill Clinton, and protecting the Ten Commandments monument in Texas.
  • Solicitor General of Texas (2003-2008).
    • Argued AGAINST the Bush administration’s desire to deport 51 Mexican nationals on death row in Texas, and won—making him effectively an enemy of the Bush family.
  • Named one the best litigators in America by American Lawyer Magazine, The National Law Journal, and Texas Lawyer.
  • Elected to the US Senate (2012)
    • Sponsored a repeal of Obamacare
    • Sponsored prohibition of drone use in killing US citizens within the US.
    • Sponsored investigation and prosecution of felons and fugitives who illegally purchase firearms.
    • Sponsored the proof of citizenship for registering to vote in federal elections
    • Sponsored increasing coal, natural gas, crude oil exports, the Keystone Pipeline, expanding offshore drilling, drilling in Alaska and Native American reservations, fracking, repealing Renewable Fuel Standards, and stopping the EPA from regulating greenhouse gases.
    • Sponsored elimination on limits on direct campaign contributions.
    • Introduced legislation to allow the President to deny visas to ambassadors to the UN who have been found guilty of espionage activities or terrorism.
  • Committee on Armed Services
  • Committee on the Judiciary
  • Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation
  • Committee on Rules and Administration
  • Special Committee on Aging

In short, Ted Cruz is incredibly accomplished, and has held pro-Free Market, Constitutional principles since at least high school. Unlike Obama who has a law degree, but only worked as a Community Organizer, Senator Cruz actually applied his education to supporting Constitutional Conservative causes in courts all the way up to the Supreme Court.

Ted’s Presidential Platform is something that is easy for me to support. Here is a snapshot:

  • A 10% flat tax, 16% corporate tax, elimination of corporate loopholes, and abolishing the IRS.
  • Building a wall, strengthening border security, cracking down on employers, and enforcing existing immigration law. NO pathway to citizenship.
  • Auditing the Federal Reserve.
  • Pro-life (only exception when mother’s life is in danger).
  • Supports traditional marriage, but leaves legality to the states.
  • Opposes Common Core
  • Opposes Obamacare
  • Supports the Second Amendment
  • Opposes legalization of marijuana, but leaves legality to the states.
  • Opposes net neutrality.
  • Opposes a higher minimum wage
  • Supports Keystone Pipeline and an “all of the above” energy policy
  • Opposes government subsidies for farmers
  • A Constitutional Orgininalist (he believes that we need to look at the intentions of the Founders when interpreting the Constitution).

I do differ on Cruz on two issues. 1. I do not think we need to obliterate ISIS from the face of the Earth. I guess I am more of a non-interventionist. 2. His recent stance on wanting to force Apple to comply with FBI requests.

Cruz has been criticized, especially recently, for what I consider to be unbelievably minor offenses—most of which can be easily explained. Here are the defenses, and why these are idiotic charges.

  1. The Ben Carson/Iowa “Controversy.”
    • CNN absolutely discussed on television, at length, that Carson was heading back to Florida rather than campaigning. Their pundits speculated on whether or not Carson actually wanted to be President. This is what the Cruz campaign addresses in the defense.
    • On TWITTER, CNN did correct the record soon after the story broke. This is what the Carson campaign addresses in their attack.
    • Furthermore, if Cruz’s people at the caucuses did put forward that Carson was quitting, where were Carson’s people to debunk the rumor?
  2. The Natural Born “Controversy.”
    • Cruz’s mother is an American citizen. Therefore, he is natural born.
    • Our first six Presidents were also born in another country, were they not legitimate?
    • An Illinois court recently set the precedent for this, as they ruled IN FAVOR of Cruz.
  3. The Non-Tithing “Controversy.”
    • Between 2006 and 2010, Cruz tithed about 1% of his income. This, I suppose, makes him a bad Christian?
    • His defense is that he regrets this.
    • This is from FIVE YEARS AGO. What are his recent tithing levels?
    • Why does this EVEN MATTER?
  4. The Rubio-Amnesty “Controversy.”
    • Respected conservatives, Mike Lee and Jeff Sessions, have come out to support Cruz’s assertions that his “support” of a pathway to legalization (not citizenship) was meant as a poison pill to derail RUBIO’S amnesty bill.
    • Even if Cruz DID support the bill initially, he VOTED AGAINST IT. This makes his stance MUCH STRONGER against amnesty than that of Marco Rubio.

Ted Cruz is THE STRONGEST on the Constitution. He is THE STRONGEST on illegal immigration. He is THE STRONGEST on the Free Market. He is THE STRONGEST when it comes to standing on principle. He is THE STRONGEST and MOST CONSISTENT candidate on the race. He is THE STRONGEST conservative.

You can find video evidence throughout the years of Cruz either staying consistent on the issues he currently supports, or at least providing a reasonable explanation for changing his stance. There is no question why he believes what he believes and says what he says.

Can you say the same about any other candidate? Trump and Clinton have held every position on every issue. Rubio still cannot explain his position on amnesty. Ben Carson has also flip flopped throughout the campaign as he is effectively learning on the job (see his opinion on banning assault rifles in 2015 compared to today). Bush can deny all he wants, but he was certainly a supporter of Common Core, and his handling of the Terry Schiavo case was an abomination.

Of course Cruz is not perfect. I have some disagreements with him, just not as many as I have with all other candidates. His controversies are superficial, at best. He beats both Clinton and Sanders in every poll, so the electability argument is not valid. He might look and sound weird, but I would rather have a creepy looking guy who shares my values than a super stud who will drive America into oblivion (and if you are a Trump supporter…I mean….come on). I would rather have President Cruz than President Kardashian. Finally, as a world renowned debate champion who has performed quite well in the nine (and counting) GOP debates, wouldn’t you like to see Cruz go one on one with Sanders on socialism vs. capitalism? I know I would!

Vote principles. Vote consistency. Vote Cruz.

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