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He Wears the Universe

“And as a vesture shalt thou fold them up, and they shall be changed: but thou art the same, and thy years shall not fail.” Hebrews 1:12

This verse is talking about the universe, including the heavens and earth (verse 10). God wears the universe like clothing (a vesture), and He will change them and fold them as we do with our clothes.

God, on the other hand, never changes.

I really appreciate this verse because it gives a clear picture of just how magnificent, powerful, awesome, awe inspiring, great, amazing, spectacular, and fear inducing God truly is.

Not only did God create the universe, but he wears it like clothing. We struggle to dig dirt with a shovel, but God can take the entire universe and toss it into a laundry basket like we do an old shirt.

With the ease of folding a pair of socks, the Creator can fold the heavens and earth.

This should make us feel mind-numbingly insignificant. Yet God became flesh and died for us anyway. He wanted us to be saved before He even created the universe. Before He said, “let there be light,” He knew your name. Before “In the beginning,” He knew I would be writing this at this moment in time.

That is our God, and He never changes.

I pray today that I do not take my salvation for granted. I pray that I remember how powerful my Lord is, and how much He loves me.

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