Notes on Exodus 7-12

The “ten plagues” in Exodus is one of the most well-known stories in the Bible. However, the richness of the various layers found when really looking into these supernatural events is often overlooked. I am about to share some things that I found that I have either rarely or never heard from any pulpit in … Continue reading Notes on Exodus 7-12

Notes on Exodus 4-6

The skepticism and hesitation to be obedient expressed by Moses in Exodus 4-6 is telling of the human condition. 1. We always doubt God. Here is Moses talking to a bush that burns but is not consumed, and he STILL argues with God about doing what he is told. He uses the excuse that we … Continue reading Notes on Exodus 4-6

Notes on Exodus 1-3

Although Joseph had a great relationship with Pharaoh, both were now dead. The new Pharaoh had no positive relationship with the children of Israel and his Hitleresque fear of Hebrew population growth and power (Exodus 1:9) led to the first great genocide of the Israelites (Exodus 1:16). We once again see the battle between the … Continue reading Notes on Exodus 1-3