Notes on Leviticus 16-18

Leviticus 16 gives us a picture of Christ as the scapegoat. A bullock and a goat are killed as burnt offerings for the Israelites, while an additional goat is to take on “all their transgressions in all their sins (verse 21)” so that this goat would “bear upon him all their iniquities unto a land … Continue reading Notes on Leviticus 16-18

Notes on Genesis 35-37

Idols, images, and gods. Genesis 35:2 has Jacob (Israel) warning his family to put away their “strange gods.” This is in reference to the statues and trinkets that the family stole from Dinah’s rapists who were slaughtered in chapter 34, and the “images” (some translations say “idols”) stolen from Laban way back in chapter 31. … Continue reading Notes on Genesis 35-37

Notes on Genesis 27-29

*Updated on May 8, 2019 There is a fascinating trend of sibling rivalry in The Bible. It began with Cain and Abel. Cain, the eldest, saw his blessing given to his younger brother. In jealousy, he murdered Abel. He was then once again usurped by Seth. Ishmael was also passed over for his younger brother, … Continue reading Notes on Genesis 27-29

Notes on Genesis 22-24

Interesting. Genesis 22:8 (KJV) "God will provide himself a lamb" and (MEV) "God will provide for himself the lamb". The King James leaves a double meaning; the lamb will be provided for God AND God will become the lamb himself. Isaac was to be sacrificed, but God decided to provide the lamb that would take … Continue reading Notes on Genesis 22-24

Notes on Genesis 25-26

By the time we get to Genesis 25, we see our fourth set of brothers where one perpetuates the line of Christ, and the other is against Christ. Seth, Shem, Isaac, and Jacob are all in the Messianic line. Cain, Ham, Ishmael, and Esau are all "types" of Antichrist. Ham is the progenitor of North … Continue reading Notes on Genesis 25-26

Notes on Genesis 12-15

The “law of first mentions” is an interesting perspective to take when reading the Bible. This law, some call it a rule, is essentially that the context of the first usage of a word or doctrine is maintained in every subsequent mention throughout the Bible unless there is additional clarification. For instance, Abel was the … Continue reading Notes on Genesis 12-15

Testing the Law of First Mention

I was asked by a sweet lady from church to expand on the Law of First Mention that I talked about earlier this week. She specifically wanted to know about wine. I had not yet looked into this fully, so I was more than happy to put this “law” to the test. LAW OF FIRST … Continue reading Testing the Law of First Mention