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Notes on Genesis 25-26

By the time we get to Genesis 25, we see our fourth set of brothers where one perpetuates the line of Christ, and the other is against Christ. Seth, Shem, Isaac, and Jacob are all in the Messianic line. Cain, Ham, Ishmael, and Esau are all "types" of Antichrist. Ham is the progenitor of North… Continue reading Notes on Genesis 25-26

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Notes on Genesis 8-11

*Updated May 1, 2019 I just finished one of the strangest, most fascinating, and little discussed passages in all the Bible. These are the chapters dealing with the post-flood descendants from Noah. In these verses, we see the foundations of the three main ethnicities (not races), the origins of the major religions, and the Noahic… Continue reading Notes on Genesis 8-11