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Are You a Skeptic or Cynic?

A skeptic is someone who questions things; someone who desires to look beyond the surface. A cynic is someone who attributes negative motivation to a person. I fear that we have moved well beyond the former toward a society so overcome by cynicism that we can no longer trust each other. This used to play… Continue reading Are You a Skeptic or Cynic?

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Take a Stand on Your Knees

Modern American Christians are emotionally and spiritually soft. We believe that society is persecuting us when stores greet us with “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas”. We feel as though society is after us when a baker is fined and put out of business for not baking a cake for a same-sex wedding. Sure, this… Continue reading Take a Stand on Your Knees

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Reductio ad Racism

A reductionist fallacy occurs when we take an incredibly complex issue and reduce it to one factor while ignoring other possible factors. Race is almost always cited as being one of, and often the most, significant factors for arrests, sentencing, and incarcerations. However, I believe that this is due to lack of imagination on behalf… Continue reading Reductio ad Racism

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The Satanic Era

In the first episode of Mindhunter, the Netflix show about how the FBI serial killer program began, an interesting proposition was presented. The gist is that prior to the 1970s, crime had motive. In the contemporary era, however, motive was no longer a factor. Serial killers may have a modus operandi, and even a purpose,… Continue reading The Satanic Era

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Notes on Deuteronomy 1-2

Deuteronomy is the last of the five books of the Jewish Pentateuch, also known as the Law of Moses. The first two chapters are a quick rundown of some of the events that occurred in the book of Numbers. It takes place near the end of the 40 year wandering in the wilderness, and the… Continue reading Notes on Deuteronomy 1-2

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Notes on Genesis 43-45

Ethnocentrism has existed since Cain killed Abel and was cursed by God. The children of Noah, the three main representatives of the original ethnicities, were also cursed and blessed accordingly. Their offspring have been at war with one another since Ham sodomized his drunken father. In Genesis 43:32 we see this trend continuing. The Egyptians… Continue reading Notes on Genesis 43-45

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Notes on Genesis 38-40

Judah (the Messianic line) married a Canaanite woman (Hamitic) and had many sons. The firstborn, who married Tamar, was killed by God for being wicked. The second was killed by God for not being with Tamar. The Messianic line now passed through Pharez, the son of Judah and Tamar. The messy Messianic line is full… Continue reading Notes on Genesis 38-40

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Notes on Genesis 8-11

*Updated May 1, 2019 I just finished one of the strangest, most fascinating, and little discussed passages in all the Bible. These are the chapters dealing with the post-flood descendants from Noah. In these verses, we see the foundations of the three main ethnicities (not races), the origins of the major religions, and the Noahic… Continue reading Notes on Genesis 8-11

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Taking God for Granted

Think of all the things we take for granted in life. The concepts of white privilege and patriarchy are that white males have certain historical advantages that they never actually think about. Things are becoming more egalitarian, for sure. However, Western civilization has been, for better or worse, a product of straight white men exploiting… Continue reading Taking God for Granted

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The Privileged Pilgrim’s Progress

The subject of "privilege" for straight, white, Christian males is once again rearing its ugly head. Whenever this topic arises, those who are accused of privilege insist that they are not, while those who are doing the accusing refuse to see their own culpability in the structural problems that face the downtrodden in our American… Continue reading The Privileged Pilgrim’s Progress