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Notes on Genesis 19-21

Sodom, in the land of Canaan (Hamitic people), is the poster city for sexual perversion. The MEN there tried to rape angels in the form of MEN (homosexuality), Lot tried to placate their lust by offering his own virgin daughters (adultery, possibly even statutory rape), and those same daughters ended up raping Lot in his sleep (incest). Homosexuality, adultery, incest, and rape were rampant in Sodom. This led to its destruction.

Do we see this in America today? Pornography nets about $12 BILLION a year, which is more than the NBA, MLB, and NFL combined. Homosexuality has not only become more prevalent, but is hailed as “courageous” in the United States. We continually hear staggering statistics on rape and sexual assault (1 in 5 women; 1 in 6 men) and America has now been branded a “rape culture” – where rape is not necessarily encouraged, but neither is it discouraged, and the sexual climate in this country is such that rape is almost expected to occur.

The most common form of statutory rape occurs between family members. 19% target biological children. 30% target adopted, foster, or stepchildren. 18% target nephews and nieces. 12% brothers and sisters. 5% grandchildren. Incest and child molestation go hand in hand.

Furthermore, both Noah and Lot were incestually raped (and homosexual incestual rape for Noah) while being heavily intoxicated. 1 in 6 American adults (17%) binge drink at least four times a month.

You tell me, does the United States of America right now resemble Sodom? We are not just engaging in, but GLORIFYING sexual perversion.

Abraham’s Hamitic wife, Hagar, gave birth to Ishmael – father of the Arabs and Muslims. Ishmael is referred to as an archer (Genesis 21:20). Nimrod, the father of the mystery cults and heretics was also an archer and mighty hunter. Esau, who was “hated” by God, was an archer and hunter. Ishmael and Nimrod were Hamitic and hated the Semites. Esau was a Semite, but became an enemy of his brother, Israel.

The Antichrist is also an archer (Revelation 6:1-2) who is an enemy of Israel and God. Would it be logical to think that this Antichrist may also be half-Hamitic and half-Semitic like Ishmael? I believe so.

Daniel 9:26 says “And after threescore and two weeks shall Messiah be cut off, but not for himself: and the people of the prince that shall come shall destroy the city and the sanctuary.”

The “prince that shall come” is Antichrist, and the people that destroyed “the city and the sanctuary” in 70 AD were the Romans, but the army was comprised largely of Turkish and Syrian soldiers. Therefore, it is believed by many Bible scholars that Antichrist will be Turkish or Syrian; and I agree. Daniel 11:37 says “neither shall he regard the God of his fathers”. This also alludes to Antichrist being at least part Jewish. After all, “his fathers” would have to be Jewish if he is to disregard their God.

This would put him right in line with the descendants of Ishmael. The Semitic ties would also allow for the Jews to accept him as Messiah.

I believe that the Antichrist will lead the Catholic church (to read more, go here).

Therefore, watch for a young (will be killed at 33 years old, just like Christ), well-spoken, Catholic Cardinal of Middle-Eastern descent, who comes to prominence just as this current pope ends his tenure by leaving or dying.

Once again we see the Hamitic (Muslim) people in direct conflict with the Semites (Israelites). This conflict cannot be resolved by U.S. government involvement or some sort of meager appeasement over the Gaza Strip or building of new settlements. This battle has been raging for almost 4,300 years and it is rooted in race, ethnicity, geography, religion, politics, familial issues, and a curse by a drunken old man named Noah, perpetuated through the offspring of Abraham, and carries on to this very day. The only “man” who can halt this war is a half-Syrian half-Jew with a talent for verbal manipulation representing the most powerful political-religious organization in history.

The United States faces judgment on a Sodom and Gomorrah level scale, and the numbers of the “righteous” here are dwindling with each passing day.
The end times are upon us, and America has no role in it according to the book of Revelation. We are the last empire (Daniel 2:42-43) that will be destroyed by the coming Kingdom of God (verse 44).

Better get right with God and tell everyone you know. The sense of urgency is real, and we do not have time to play around.

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