Social Suicide and Mass Murder

On Valentine’s Day a 19-year-old kid marched into his old high school and opened fire on students who walked out of their classrooms when the killer pulled a fire alarm just before the end of the school day. Reports have come out giving us some insight on his life. The media (both mainstream and social) is focusing on guns and mental illness. Here is why I believe they are looking at the wrong thing.

In Emile Durkheim’s seminal work, Suicide, he looked at death records from several countries in Europe. He found that there are essentially four types of suicide: 1) Egotistic – when someone experiences a lack of social integration or are isolated (widows, hermits, victims of bullying); 2) Anomic – lack of moral regulation or a sudden change in life where the “new normal” feels overwhelming. There is a sense of “normlessness” where all of the social norms we abide by change and the new rules are difficult to grasp (losing a job or loved one; moving to a new country); 3) Fatalistic – overwhelming oppression and hopelessness (prisoners, terminally ill); 4) Altruistic – for the greater good (soldiers, firemen, suicide bombers).
Durkheim found that suicide is not a psychological phenomenon, but a social one. Changes in one’s social integration is a greater indicator of violence against oneself than any psychological condition.

Now, let’s apply this theory to what we know about the Valentine’s Day shooter.

  1. He was social isolated. Most reports are that he was bullied pretty regularly. He had very few friends. He was kicked out of school and other social organizations. This is indicative of Egotistic suicide.
  2. His adopted father died a few years ago, but his adopted mother died just three months ago. This dramatic social event would be a likely catalyst for anomic suicide.
  3. He apparently exhibited numerous histrionic outbursts – I believe these were to draw attention to an otherwise lonely boy – yet still managed to fly under the radar of law enforcement.
  4. Therefore, he was isolated from peers by choice (making numerous threats) or force (expulsion and bullying), as well as dealing with the death of his last remaining parent (and I have to wonder if being adopted started his feelings of social isolation). He also lives in a country where guns are weaved into the fabric of the nation and are constantly depicted in the media in both positive and negative lights.

It seems to me that this is a social recipe for a disaster. Rather than turning the weapon on himself, he turned it on others. Regardless, he follows a similar pattern to other mass murders, serial killers, and the suicidal. Reports are that the Vegas shooter, Steven Paddock, lost a lot of money before his rampage and was socially isolated from almost everyone except his roommate/girlfriend. The Columbine shooters were socially isolated and bullied. The same goes for the Aurora shooter, the Virginia Tech shooter, and almost all other mass murderers over the last 20 years.

I truly believe that we need to stop thinking of these events as psychological anomalies. There is something wrong with the SOCIAL fabric of the nation right now.

We have been in perpetual war since 2001. We just experienced a major economic recession. Social media and online video games are keeping kids from face-to-face interactions. We are the most medicated society in history. Our social and demographic categories are being constantly challenged and redefined. Religion is becoming less and less of an effective institution. Our electorate is becoming more and more divided.

Basically, we are in a national state of anomic normlessness that is leading to increasing social isolation. As our institutions continue to crumble, so does our ability to maintain solidarity. Without social solidarity and stability, we feel hopeless. We feel socially suicidal.

Some of us develop depression. Some of us do kill ourselves. Some are committing mass murder. The signs and symptoms are all there.

Since Suicide was published in 1897, data continues to back up Durkheim’s theory. I truly believe that we are experiencing social suicide that is beginning to manifest in social homicide.

These shooters are not “mentally ill”, they are socially constructed monsters. No laws can stop the inevitable destruction brought about by social unrest. Medicating the problem like we medicate our citizenry will not solve the problem.


Notes on Leviticus 16-18

Leviticus 16 gives us a picture of Christ as the scapegoat. A bullock and a goat are killed as burnt offerings for the Israelites, while an additional goat is to take on “all their transgressions in all their sins (verse 21)” so that this goat would “bear upon him all their iniquities unto a land not inhabited: and he shall let go the goat in the wilderness” (verse 22).
Jesus Christ is the scapegoat who takes our sins and transgressions so that we do not have to burn in the fires of Hell.
Chapter 17 contains one of the most fascinating Law of First Mention accounts; “devils” (verse 7). What are these beings? Apparently, the Israelites were worshiping them; “and they shall no more offer their sacrifices unto devils” (v. 7).
Some people believe these creatures to be fallen angels, but the fallen angels were called “sons of God” in Genesis 6 and there is no evidence of any angel of any kind who could possess humans. Satan came into Judas and will come into the Antichrist, but I believe these “men” are actually Nimrod, the offspring of fallen angels.
These “devils” appear to be something different. These devils have the power to possess humans (Matt. 8, Mark 1), and they can do so in large numbers (the “maniac” possessed by “Legion” in Luke 8). Mary Magdalene, often mislabeled as a prostitute (there is no evidence of such), was possessed by 7 devils (Mark 16:9).
The “prince of the devils” is Beelzebub (Mark 3:22). I mentioned back in my Notes on Exodus 7-12 that Baal-zebub is the “lord of the flies,” believed to be Satan.
We know that these devils seem to want to hang out around dead bodies (the accounts of Matt. 8 and Luke 8 take place near tombs), they give men super strength (“Legion” could break his restraints), and they can perform miracles (Rev. 16:14).
Devils believe in Jesus Christ, just as any Christian does. Luke 4:41 says “And devils also came out of many, crying out, and saying, Thou art Christ the Son of God. And he rebuking them suffered them not to speak: for they knew that he was Christ.”
We are warned “that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils” (I Tim 4:1). These creatures are able to convince people of new doctrines in the end times.
I believe that this is happening right now, not only in “other” religions, but within Christianity. After all, these devils can sit in the seat next to you on a Sunday morning or sing in the choir. They may even have a stronger belief in Christ than you do. They may be standing in our pulpits teaching false doctrine, and the Church is so lacking in Faith and understanding of Scripture that we would not be able to recognize these wicked, unclean, seducing spirits.
Leviticus 17 also warns us against eating blood, “for the life of the flesh is in the blood” (verse 11). The line between fact and fiction becomes blurred in the study of eating blood. God obviously warns against its consumption, so it must have been practiced at some point. Yet we see historical violation of this rule by Vlad the Impaler and Elizabeth Bathory, and the fictional portrayal of vampires and werewolves.
UFOs are also associated with blood, or the lack thereof. Most reports of cattle mutilations mention that not one drop of blood was left behind when a cow was sliced open. Something is consuming the blood.
Now that I have gotten a bit off the beaten path, Leviticus 18 brings us back to a more practical subject; sex.
Verses 6-17 can be summed up this way: we are not to look on the nakedness of anyone but our spouse. Ham violated this principle when he looked upon Noah and wound up cursed (Genesis 9:20-27). Whether Ham sodomized his father as some believe or if he merely looked upon Noah’s naked body, God takes such a violation seriously.
God puts looking on a naked body in the same category as sacrificing children to the false god Molech (v. 21), homosexuality (“thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind,” v. 22) and bestiality (v. 23), resulting in being “cut off from among their people” (v. 29). God calls all these acts “abominations” (v. 29).
According to Alexander Hislop, Molech (Law of First Mention) or Moloch was Nimrod as worshiped by the Canaanites (Hamites) and eventually by the Israelites (Solomon built him a temple in 1 Kings 11:7). This worship was carried out by throwing babies onto fire pits.
Nimrod, the creature I believe will once again be revealed as Antichrist is a figure who was worshiped by child sacrifice. The United States of America has laws protecting the practice of burning babies alive in the womb with saline (salt) solution. In a very real effect, the practice of abortion in America is a form of Molech, Moloch, Ba’al, Nimrod, Antichrist worship.
If you consider yourself “pro-choice,” then you might as well be worshiping Antichrist.

Notes on Exodus 39-40

Exodus 39-40 is the completion of the priestly garments and tabernacle itself. As I have mentioned in my previous notes, the Levite ephod is covered in the same gemstones that one would find on a cherub. Thus, the Israelite high priest was decorated in the same fashion as the highest order of angels (see my “Notes on Exodus 28-29”).

Over the last decade or so, the Jewish people began to fashion new utensils for a temple that does not yet exist. The third Temple will eventually rest on the area which houses the Muslim Dome of the Rock. Just last year, the Jewish Sanhedrin began training up new priests for the first time in close to 2,000 years. Because there has been no Temple since about 70 A.D., there has been no need for any utensils or priests. The Jewish preparation for another Temple is an interesting move toward the prophecy in Revelation 11; a prophecy that most Jews do not believe is true.

Exodus 40:34 says “the glory of the LORD filled the tabernacle.”

1 Corinthians 6:19 tells us “What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own?”

Just as the literal glory of God filled the tabernacle, the literal Holy Ghost fills our bodies. How seriously do we take this?

Most of us have respect for a church building. When someone steals from or defaces a church, something inside us makes us uncomfortable at the mere thought. Just imagine coming to your church one day to find someone spray-painted graffiti all over it.

Yet the modern Christian has no problem with tattoos.

Imagine arriving to worship at church, and you walk in on piles of festering garbage left to rot. Yet the modern Christian eats fast food and dessert, getting fat and sick.

Would you pour gasoline on your church floor? Then why do you drink alcohol? Would you set fire to something inside your church? Then why do you smoke?

What would you do if you walked into church, and pornography was being shown on all the televisions? Yet we allow ourselves to consume such filth through our eyes.

Our bodies are supposed to be temples filled with the glory of the LORD, yet we desecrate our temples with no regard for what GOD wants us to do. We do not see our bodies as temples. When you hear someone say, “it’s MY body!” you must understand that it is not, especially if you are a Christian. We should stop filling our temples with perversions and filth. We should stop desecrating our temples with tattoos and cigarettes. If you wouldn’t do it to a temple or church, then you shouldn’t do it to your own body.

Notes on Exodus 30-32

While Moses went up on the mountain to receive the tablet of testimonies, the Israelites started freaking out (Exodus 32). This happens to us all the time. We are waiting on God, and His answer seems to be taking too long for our liking. What do we do? We forget about Him and decide to put other “gods” before him (thus, breaking the first and second commandments).

God does things on His time. Who do we think we are to question that?

God knew what they were doing, and he was prepared to wipe them all out and start the whole Abrahamic line over with Moses. However, Moses intervened on their behalf, as Christ interceded for us. We deserve to die for ignoring our Savior, just as those Israelites should have been destroyed for their sins. Thankfully, Jesus Christ paid for those sins with his life.

When Moses came down from the mountain, the noise from the ungodly acts committed by the Israelites made Joshua think they were under attack. This was not a “joyful noise.” Moses finally put his eyes on their actions, and was so full of anger that he literally broke the Ten Commandments.

Moses confronts Aaron, and the priest did what we all do. He told Moses that he took some gold, threw it into a fire, and “there came out this calf” (Ex. 32:24). He didn’t admit that he’s the one who crafted it, but it just kind of happened.

How often do we do this? We refuse our personal responsibility and blame a circumstance instead. “This isn’t what it looks like.” “I have a sickness.” “Alcoholism is a disease.” “I was abused as a child.” “My parents hate me.” “I was too drunk.” “One thing led to another.” “Her outfit made me do it.”

YOU are responsible for your actions. YOU are the one who makes the choice. Only on the rarest occasions do we find ourselves “at the wrong place, at the wrong time.” If you drink, stay away from bars. If you cannot resist sexual temptation, stay away from dance or strip clubs. If you have difficulty with self-destructive behavior, then don’t put yourself in those sorts of triggering situations.

These poor sinners were naked while dancing and shouting (verse 25). The implication is that there was some serious sexual sin happening at this event. It was a wild party with naked people dancing, probably grinding up on each other, having a “good time.”

Verse 25 says “for Aaron had made them naked unto their shame among their enemies.” I imagine that if Instagram was a thing, there would be pictures posted on social media, just as the modern Christian cannot seem to help but publicly display their drunken, half naked posts from night clubs or pool parties.

The modern Christian feels no shame among their enemies. That is a problem.

Moses then asked God to blot his name out of the book of life, rather than blot the names of the Israelites who remained loyal to God after the drunken orgy was finished. It is incredible that Moses would risk such a thing for his people. Would you do this for your friends or family?

John 15:13 says “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” Would you be willing not just to die, but to give up your eternity for others?

Of course, God being the perfect judge, refuses the offer. In verse 33 He says “Whosoever hath sinned against me, him will I blot out of my book.” This is where knowledge and understanding of dispensationalism comes in. Any Christian reading this verse may very well believe it is possible to lose salvation. However, this verse applies to a dispensation, or time, that pre-dates Christ’s crucifixion.

The Old Testament method of salvation was of Faith AND works. This is why they were required to offer sacrifices at the tabernacle. Christians have the luxury of eternal security. Jesus Christ removed works from the equation when he suffered and shed his blood for us. His blood is our atonement for sins. He paid our debt.

Unfortunately, we so often take this gift for granted. We treat Christ like a rich relative who bailed us out when at our worst moment, whom we repay by never calling or seeing again until we find ourselves in trouble once again. We want a one-sided relationship with God. One in which only we benefit.

Then, when God decides he won’t help us anymore, we blame HIM for it. We pass this hatred to our children so that we rob them of what could have been a great relationship. I know there are members of my own family who were saved as children or teenagers and refuse to allow their own children to go to church. They will go to Heaven regardless of turning from Christ, because of eternal security, while they do all they can to ensure their kids will go to Hell.

It is a case of spiritual child abuse, and we watch this happen without acting against it. If I saw a family member beating or molesting a child, I would have child protective services there in an instant. Yet, I am silent when these kids are spiritually abused.

Shame on us. Shame on me.

Notes on Exodus 25-27

The “ark of the covenant” or ark of the testimony (Exodus 25:16) is one of the most amazing artifacts ever built by man. This 5x3x3 ft. box holds a pot of manna, the Tables of the Law (ten commandments), and Aaron’s rod that represent how God feeds the unsaved, convicts the unsaved, and provided the risen Savior.

The ark was placed in the Tabernacle, a portable place of worship that would be erected whenever the Israelites set up camp. The design of the Tabernacle would eventually be reproduced in a more solid form when Solomon built the Temple in Jerusalem. Of course, the Temple was destroyed twice, and the Muslim Dome of the Rock sits in the rightful place of the Temple. Eventually the Dome of the Rock will be removed and the Temple will be rebuilt so that the ark of the testimony can be returned to its home.

There is some interesting numerology in these passages. There are three metals, three colors, and three animals used to make the Tabernacle. This is a representation of the holy trinity. The altar is 5 cubits wide and 5 cubits long. There are 5 bars that ran horizontally around the Tabernacle, and there were 5 pillars on the front end of the Tabernacle. 5 is the number of death throughout the Bible.

The ark is covered in gold and requires wooden poles passed through golden hoops along its side as a means to carry it, for if you touch the ark, you will die (Numbers 4:15).

On the lid of the ark is the mercy seat, where Jesus Christ is supposed to sit, but Antichrist will sit there during the tribulation marking the “abomination of desolation” that brings about the worst plagues and judgments from God in recorded human history to that point.

Surrounding the mercy seat are four “cherubim.” These angels are interesting creatures. First of all, Satan is the “anointed cherub” (Ezekiel 28:14) who was covered by “every precious stone” (Ez. 28:13). Cherubim have four wings (Ez. 1:6); two for flying (Ez. 1:11) and two for covering their bodies (Ez. 1:23). They also have cloven hoof feet like a calf (Ez. 1:7).

Notice that other than having feet with hooves, the standard depictions of Satan with a red suit and pitchfork are way off. He would give off light that shines through every precious stone. Imagine how beautiful and colorful this would be.

Cherubim, apparently the highest order of angels, would be appropriate for guarding the mercy seat. They also guarded the garden of Eden with flaming swords after Adam and Eve were kicked out of paradise (Gen. 3:24) and are the pilots of whatever UFO craft Ezekiel described in his vision (Ez. 1:15-25).

Cherubim also have four faces; a human, lion, ox, and eagle (Ez. 1:10). Each of these animals are represented by the four gospels, Matthew- Man, Mark- Lion, Luke- Ox, and John- Eagle. Each of the gospels represents a different perspective of Jesus Christ: Matthew- the man, Mark- the King, Luke- the sacrifice, and John- the divinity.

I would love to hear an explanation of how Moses’ description of the ark and Ezekiel’s description of cherubim could be so in-line with the descriptions of Christ found in the four Gospels written hundreds of years apart (Moses 1400BC; Ezekiel 575BC; Gospels by 70AD), by six different men with such high accuracy that can be rationalized without admitting some sort of supernatural influence.

The Bible is true. It validates itself throughout Scripture, and has been historically verified over and over for centuries. Science and archaeology fail to debunk any truth in the Bible, but only serve to reinforce it. If the history of the Bible is true, then the future will be as well.

Something is coming to Israel. Somehow the Dome of the Rock will be destroyed so the Temple can be rebuilt. The ark of the covenant will return to its rightful place, and the Antichrist will sit on the mercy seat bringing about the tribulation. This will happen. So will the seals, the trumpets and angels who bring about the wrath of God wiping out a majority of the Earth’s population. Those who are left behind will have to survive fiery hail, locusts with scorpion tails, great earthquakes, war, disease, famine, water turning to blood, and the sun getting ten times hotter.

This can be avoided, of course, by simply accepting the gift that God handed us through the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Accept Jesus into your heart today, because the truth of Antichrist and the “end times” may begin at any moment.

Are you saved?

Notes on Exodus 22-24

In the middle of giving laws against stealing, having pre-marital sex, oppressing strangers, and lending money with high interest, Exodus 22: 18 says “Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live.” What an odd placement for such an odd topic.

Verse 17 is about paying a dowry of virgins to someone who sleeps with an unmarried woman and can’t have permission from the father to marry. Verse 19 is about having sex with animals. Verse 18 is about capital punishment for witches.

Verse 28 says “Thou shalt not revile the gods, nor curse the ruler of thy people.” This is an interesting verse given the political climate we find ourselves in during the last few decades. America has become increasingly divided, and most of the division springs from our Presidents and Congress. Yet, the Bible tells us not to curse these rulers. Why? Because cursing the ruler, we curse ourselves by proxy. I don’t WANT any President to fail, because that means my country will fail.

We should not revile (criticize) the gods, because that is God’s job. He will take care of the gods and rulers of this world. It’s not our job to wish them harm.

Exodus 23: 2 says “Thou shalt not follow a multitude to do evil;” which is exactly what we continually find ourselves doing. We succumb to peer pressure because we have a pressing desire to be well liked and part of a social group. We find ourselves voting for a certain political party because we identify with a label, rather than with our individual beliefs. This verse is a challenge to Marxist Communism.

Verse 8 also has some great wisdom. “And thou shalt take no gift: for the gift blindeth the wise, and perverteth the words of the righteous.” When you take money from someone, you owe them. We feel we must either pay them back with money or favors. We see this not only in politics, where corruption is part of the game, but in our churches.

The Church has become too focused on taking “gifts.” They pervert the Words of God because they seek additional gifts that go beyond the normal tithes and offerings. “Gifts” are how church buildings are paid for; how church plants are paid for. Gifts can also come to mean “tax breaks.” In order to remain tax-exempt, churches refuse to speak against homosexuality, Islam, transgenderism, alcoholism, and putting half-naked pictures up on social media sites.

Appealing to the audience for more gifts often takes the place of the Holy Spirit. Certain topics become taboo from the pulpit.

In Verse 23, God warns the Israelites against making any “covenant” with the wrongful inhabitants of the Holy Land. While our leaders continually seek a peace resolution between Israel and the Palestinians, God told them not to do it. Is it no wonder that such an accord continually proves so difficult?

One final note, is that the ten commandments were written in Exodus 20, yet Moses does not obtain the famous stone tablets until the end of chapter 31. Those would be broken, and new tablets were made.

Thus, the ten commandments that the Hebrew Bible is translated from is a copy (the Masoretic text) of a copy (original book of Exodus) of a copy (remade tablets) of a copy (original tablets) of an “inspired document” (the original commandments in chapter 20).

Anyone who does not believe the Scripture can be doubly inspired has been deceived.

Notes on Exodus 19-21

The Ten Commandments. Almost everyone is aware of them, so I will not spend time discussing each of them. However, I will expand on some.

“Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing. . .” I have a fascination with the concept of images. Images have power that is totally non-rational. Think about a photograph of a loved one. If that loved one were to pass away or if the relationship ends, the image of the person becomes something supernatural to us. How many of us would lose our minds if someone threw an image of a dead child or parent into a fire? The image is not the person. It is only a symbol.

The same can be said of religious imagery. There was a famous controversy over an “art” project called “Piss Christ” in which a cheap plastic cross was placed in a jar of urine. The message the artist wanted to portray was that it was just a piece of plastic in human urine. Christians everywhere were outraged because the cross (or at least the image of it) is a sacred symbol representing Christ.

That plastic had very little intrinsic value, but we imbue the image with power and importance. Think about the absurdity of it. Jesus Christ was literally tortured and murdered, but rose from the grave. Christ is not a cross. Christ is not cheap plastic. Christ was not in that jar. Yet the commandment is to NOT make any graven image or any LIKENESS. That includes plastic crosses, crucifixes, paintings, photographs, or any form of visible representation of something real that may lead us to worship the object rather than the subject.

“Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain;” This verse is typically brought up whenever some old timer wants to make you feel bad for using bad language. This verse is not a condemnation of “swearing” as most swear words are arbitrarily socially constructed. Jesus Christ and God are names of God, thus should not be used when cursing. However, the “f word” and many other swear words are mere euphemisms of other words that society has somehow deemed as offensive. The only difference for some is contextual. “Ass” is in The Bible when it refers to a donkey. It is profane to use it when talking of a person’s hindquarters. The societal pressure is so great that I have seen pastors use “donkey” whenever “ass” shows up in Scripture.

Society should never trump Scripture. Such is the power of our socialization.

Furthermore, taking the Lord’s name in vain transcends language. When you call yourself a Christian and post a half-naked photograph (an image) on Instagram, you are taking God’s name in vain. When you call yourself a Christian and get wasted at a party, you are taking the Lord’s name in vain. When you smoke marijuana, get tattoos, get fat, have pre or extra-marital sex you are defiling the temple of God (1 Corinthians 6:15-20); you are taking the Lord’s name in vain.

Exodus 21:22-25 is an interesting passage, in that it deals with the loss of a child by some sort of external physical trauma. Some read this as abortion. Some as miscarriage. I have read interpretations that this verse shows that the destruction of the unborn is not murder, for the penalty for murder is death. The penalty in this case is as light as the woman’s husband wishes. The stipulation is “if any mischief follow” (verse 23) then death is the punishment.

Here is my interpretation (in parentheses): “If men strive (argue/fight), and hurt a woman with child, so that her fruit depart from her (miscarriage, stillborn, premature birth), and yet no mischief follow (the mother and premature baby survive): he shall be surely punished, according as the woman’s husband will lay upon him; and he shall pay as the judges determine (it’s up to the husband to determine if it was an accident, manslaughter, or murder); and he shall pay as the judges determine (the courts have the final say. And if any mischief follow (if the mother or child dies or are permanently wounded), then thou shalt give life for life, Eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot, Burning for burning, wound for wound, stripe for stripe.”

You see, “her fruit depart from her” does not necessarily mean that the baby dies. This is why a murder charge is not a definitive punishment. A woman who is 8 or 9 months pregnant may go into labor because of stress or physical trauma, and the baby’s life may very well be viable outside of the womb. If there are complications, however, the punishment becomes more severe.

Anyone reading this verse as abortion, I think, is wrong. Notice that the focus is hurting a woman with child, not hurting the child directly. Anyone reading this as miscarriage is only partially right in that it COULD be a miscarriage, thought that’s not the only possibility.