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Notes on Genesis 43-45

Ethnocentrism has existed since Cain killed Abel and was cursed by God. The children of Noah, the three main representatives of the original ethnicities, were also cursed and blessed accordingly. Their offspring have been at war with one another since Ham sodomized his drunken father. In Genesis 43:32 we see this trend continuing.

The Egyptians (Hamites) thought it was an “abomination” to break bread with the Hebrews (Semites). Likewise, the Egyptians thought it an “abomination” to be a shepherd (Genesis 46: 34). Who are the shepherds according to the Law of First Mention? Abel, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, brothers of Joseph, Moses, David, and Jesus Christ. The fathers of the Hebrew people and Judeo-Christian religions are “abominations” to the Hamites who would later become Muslims.

Judeo-Christianity is an abomination in Egypt and has been for four millennia. Perhaps God knew this truth when he said “Therefore hear ye the word of the LORD, all Judah that dwell in the land of Egypt; Behold, I have sworn by my great name, saith the LORD, that my name shall no more be named in the mouth of any man of Judah in all the land of Egypt, saying, The Lord GOD liveth.” (Jeremiah 44:26).

Fast forward about 3900 years. Egypt in 2017 is a large Muslim nation who maintains a politically motivated “cold peace” with Israel, while most of the Egyptian citizens remain Anti-Semitic (Hitler’s Mein Kampf is a bestseller).

Anyone who believes that an American president or the United Nations could ever possibly have a hope of bringing true peace to the Middle East is living in fantasy land. This conflict predates Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. This is an ethnic battle that transcends religious differences.

The Bible does tell us that one man will bring about a temporary peace on Earth. For 3.5 years, a powerful leader will halt global conflict, including that between the Jews, Muslims, and “Christians” (using “scare quotes” because true Christians will be raptured before this). The remaining 3.5 years of the tribulation will be a horrific event that makes the most violent horror films look like G-Rated Disney flicks.

Until the Antichrist shows up, no resolution will end the desires of Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS, Al Qaeda, Taliban, etc. for exterminating the Jews and wiping Israel off the map. Ending Sykes-Picot (the agreement that ended the Ottoman Empire) will not bring peace. This is the first and longest ranging “racist” (not about skin color, mind you) battle in human history.

While Western society keeps trying to tell us that Islam is a religion of peace, that tolerance is possible, and that race, religion, culture, gender, etc. are all social constructions, the Bible tells us that God is author of history. It is by HIS design that these things occur.

The things that divide us by the color of our skin or what genitalia we have are united when we are saved and become one with Christ. His blood covers our race, gender, and ethnicity when we are welcomed into the Kingdom of God as children of the one true King.

We cannot socially construct peace. Only God can and will end this conflict forever. It will happen after the tribulation, when 2/3 of humanity perishes in terrifying earthquakes, famines, diseases, dehydration, boiling sunlight, and demonic creatures that torture those who refuse to accept Christ.

I, for one, prefer to be taken in the Rapture before the world falls apart. I want my friends, family, and colleagues who are unsaved to follow me on the road of salvation that leads to heaven through the blood of Jesus Christ.

I hope to see you all there.

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