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Notes on Exodus 25-27

The “ark of the covenant” or ark of the testimony (Exodus 25:16) is one of the most amazing artifacts ever built by man. This 5x3x3 ft. box holds a pot of manna, the Tables of the Law (ten commandments), and Aaron’s rod that represent how God feeds the unsaved, convicts the unsaved, and provided the risen Savior.

The ark was placed in the Tabernacle, a portable place of worship that would be erected whenever the Israelites set up camp. The design of the Tabernacle would eventually be reproduced in a more solid form when Solomon built the Temple in Jerusalem. Of course, the Temple was destroyed twice, and the Muslim Dome of the Rock sits in the rightful place of the Temple. Eventually the Dome of the Rock will be removed and the Temple will be rebuilt so that the ark of the testimony can be returned to its home.

There is some interesting numerology in these passages. There are three metals, three colors, and three animals used to make the Tabernacle. This is a representation of the holy trinity. The altar is 5 cubits wide and 5 cubits long. There are 5 bars that ran horizontally around the Tabernacle, and there were 5 pillars on the front end of the Tabernacle. 5 is the number of death throughout the Bible.

The ark is covered in gold and requires wooden poles passed through golden hoops along its side as a means to carry it, for if you touch the ark, you will die (Numbers 4:15).

On the lid of the ark is the mercy seat, where Jesus Christ is supposed to sit, but Antichrist will sit there during the tribulation marking the “abomination of desolation” that brings about the worst plagues and judgments from God in recorded human history to that point.

Surrounding the mercy seat are four “cherubim.” These angels are interesting creatures. First of all, Satan is the “anointed cherub” (Ezekiel 28:14) who was covered by “every precious stone” (Ez. 28:13). Cherubim have four wings (Ez. 1:6); two for flying (Ez. 1:11) and two for covering their bodies (Ez. 1:23). They also have cloven hoof feet like a calf (Ez. 1:7).

Notice that other than having feet with hooves, the standard depictions of Satan with a red suit and pitchfork are way off. He would give off light that shines through every precious stone. Imagine how beautiful and colorful this would be.

Cherubim, apparently the highest order of angels, would be appropriate for guarding the mercy seat. They also guarded the garden of Eden with flaming swords after Adam and Eve were kicked out of paradise (Gen. 3:24) and are the pilots of whatever UFO craft Ezekiel described in his vision (Ez. 1:15-25).

Cherubim also have four faces; a human, lion, ox, and eagle (Ez. 1:10). Each of these animals are represented by the four gospels, Matthew- Man, Mark- Lion, Luke- Ox, and John- Eagle. Each of the gospels represents a different perspective of Jesus Christ: Matthew- the man, Mark- the King, Luke- the sacrifice, and John- the divinity.

I would love to hear an explanation of how Moses’ description of the ark and Ezekiel’s description of cherubim could be so in-line with the descriptions of Christ found in the four Gospels written hundreds of years apart (Moses 1400BC; Ezekiel 575BC; Gospels by 70AD), by six different men with such high accuracy that can be rationalized without admitting some sort of supernatural influence.

The Bible is true. It validates itself throughout Scripture, and has been historically verified over and over for centuries. Science and archaeology fail to debunk any truth in the Bible, but only serve to reinforce it. If the history of the Bible is true, then the future will be as well.

Something is coming to Israel. Somehow the Dome of the Rock will be destroyed so the Temple can be rebuilt. The ark of the covenant will return to its rightful place, and the Antichrist will sit on the mercy seat bringing about the tribulation. This will happen. So will the seals, the trumpets and angels who bring about the wrath of God wiping out a majority of the Earth’s population. Those who are left behind will have to survive fiery hail, locusts with scorpion tails, great earthquakes, war, disease, famine, water turning to blood, and the sun getting ten times hotter.

This can be avoided, of course, by simply accepting the gift that God handed us through the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Accept Jesus into your heart today, because the truth of Antichrist and the “end times” may begin at any moment.

Are you saved?

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