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Gods of the New Age

I have been working on a theory for a few years now, though I did not realize it at the time. It will hopefully shed some light on some of the more interesting and controversial topics of our day. I’m working on a much larger version of it, but I would like to gauge interest in the subject. So please, let me know via comments or send me an email if you’d like to see more.

**I need to preface this. I do not advocate that you do any research into New Age occult practices. I prepare myself in a number of ways before engaging with any study that I read or video I watch. An interest in these practices might lead to a very real spiritual encounter that you might not be equipped to handle.**

This journey began as I began reading books on postmodernism and the effects of postmodernity in religion for my graduate research. One of the prominent theories is called “secularization” and it posits that people are becoming less religious. However, some critiques of secularization point out that people are not leaving religion to become atheist, but they are turning toward alternate religions. The most prominent of these are 1) New Age movements and 2) Charismatic Christianity (the belief in spiritual gifts like speaking in tongues, faith healing, etc.). Charismatic churches are the fastest growing sect of Christianity in the world – especially in South America and Asia.

Since postmodernity is essentially the deconstruction and remaking of long held beliefs, it makes sense that traditional Christianity is breaking down and new, more individualized “spirituality” is taking its place. There is evidence of this happening in American mega churches like Bethel Church in Redding, CA and Hillsong Church in Australia. These two institutions are responsible for a plethora of “worship” music sung by a majority of modern churches in the United States. Thus, postmodern charismatic Christianity has infiltrated our churches.

I also began a personal study on the history of the gods. I have been working on two projects – one fiction, one non-fiction – based on the theory that all of the gods across the world are related. I also believe there is evidence that many of the rites and rituals performed in worship of these gods have been adapted via pagan mystery religions and adopted into New Age transcendental worship. The idea that “we are all gods” dates back centuries. The “original sin” in the book of Genesis is the eating of the fruit from the “tree of knowledge of good and evil” as Satan tells Eve that eating the fruit will make her “as gods.” This belief permeates the New Age movement.

The ephod worn by the Levite high priest contained a number of what could be considered “mystic stones” that allowed communication with God, including the mysterious “Urim and Thummim” – a device of unknown origin used almost like a Magic 8-ball between God and the priest. Modern New Agers use stones for a variety of purposes.

New Agers also meet with “astral energies” when having out of body experiences, and some of these beings have sexual intercourse – sometimes without consent – with the astral and physical bodies of those who are astral projecting. I believe that the gods of old were powerful, supernatural, probably angelic, beings who interacted with mankind. They might have assisted with law-making, governments, and advances in science. I believe that these beings still exist and are on what New Agers refer to as an “astral plane” that are often visited by naïve people.

Charismatic churches incorporate this “spirituality” and believe they can see and feel spiritual beings interacting with them when “laying in the spirit” – a practice in which a person loses control of their bodies and can lead to speaking in tongues and “spirit laughter”, both of which are uncontrollable impulses. The way that charismatics convulse and make unintelligible noises comes very close to the “Kundalini spirit” that occurs when a yoga practitioner reaches enlightenment. Some churches are now engaging in tarot card readings (called “destiny cards” – also pictured at the top of this post) and “Christian yoga.” The New Age has clearly infiltrated Christianity.

Finally, I have begun to research New Age experiences explicitly. I have been watching videos of people describing the wonders of out of body experiences (OBEs) and discussing the astral plane. One person believes that the material world is “not real” and that the astral realm is the “true reality.” He went on to describe instantaneous travel and experiencing amazing sensations while on the astral plane. He also referenced that we are living in a world similar to the famous film, The Matrix, and said we need to unlock the ability to abandon the material world for the astral one. He believes the ability to do this leads to enlightenment.

I found his phrasing and reference of The Matrix particularly interesting, because that film is actually based on the postmodern work of Jean Baudrillard; particularly Simulacra and Simulation. He posited that we are living in a socially constructed reality and materialism is merely a series of infinite copies of what was once real. We are living in the “desert of the real” and that art, media, material goods, and even our “self” is not an original work. Reality is, therefore, a construct of our imaginations.

My theory is being informed and formulated by some seemingly unrelated topics – gods, postmodernism, and New Age religion. However, I believe the links are there. I believe that postmodernists have weaponized deconstruction of traditional categories, like religion, and Christianity is being remade as a New Age hybrid religion, reborn as Charismatic Christianity in conjunction with more secular New Age practices. I believe those practices can be traced by to ancient pagan mystery religious rites and rituals rooted in the worship of ancient beings that are likely fallen angels, or at least demonic entities. The cycle is repeating itself, and we are on route to experience a full-on spiritual war with evil spirits, and the Christian Church is no longer equipped for battle.

The more I research this, the more it seems to fall into place. I know it is a lot to take in, and I also realize that it might sound a little crazy to skeptics. I fully intend to continue to look into these phenomena in the vein of academic scholarship. I also believe that the relationships between gods, postmodernism, and the New Age are real.

Does this seem interesting to you? Would you like to know more? Do you have any experiences with the New Age or charismatic Christianity? Please comment, share, email, or even give me a call if you have my personal number. I would love to discuss this with you, but only if you’re willing and able.

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