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The Coming Civil Conflict

About 10 years ago, I predicted a simultaneous civil war, world war, and economic collapse. At that time, we were in the midst of the “Great Recession” and escalating conflict overseas between Middle Eastern nations including our own “war on terror” that continues to solider on. Right now, it seems that those last two issues have been on a pause, but what about a civil war?

2009 was one of the first times in my lifetime in which any criticism of a President led to cries of racism. Anyone who disagreed with the policies or rhetoric of the first Black president, Barack Obama, was demonized in the media and universities. Despite being an obvious Marxist, calling him a socialist meant you were racist. Despite his documented relationships with Marxists like Bill Ayers and Frank Marshall Davis, and his Muslim sympathizing Marxist pastor, Jeremiah Wright, questioning Obama’s intentions meant you were a racist.

Didn’t like government healthcare? You were a racist. Didn’t like fawning media coverage? You were a racist. Opposed big government intrusion into the private sector? Racist.

Anyone who has been falsely accused of something they did not do understands the frustration that mounts when any attempt to defend yourself is rejected and also deemed as racist. This is the frustration that led to the Tea Party and a rise in libertarianism. I could tell that this tension would not be resolved and I started warning my loved ones.

Shortly after, Occupy Wall Street cropped up and images of Leftist violence in the streets became newsworthy. When the anti-rich sentiment died down, the same agitators morphed into Black Lives Matter – a group bent on stopping the epidemic of police officers gunning down young, unarmed, Black men in the streets; even though the evidence that this occurs as often as depicted was not there. There are about 250 Blacks shot by police each year, and most of those are deemed “justified” in that the perpetrator turned victim brandished a weapon. Despite that evidence, the mantra kept on.

I had a conversation with my Black office-mate in grad school about this. I showed her the statistics, and she responded by accusing me of racism. The department forced me to move into another office (with two white guys, of course), and eventually failed me out of the program. Despite always submitting A-level work in all my classes, winning an award for my master’s thesis, and receiving a number of compliments for my work from the professors on my graduate committee, I failed my comprehensive exam – twice. I realized the toxicity of disagreeing with the Left.

The 2016 election featured the rise of a “democratic” socialist in the Democrat party. The very label that was heavily derided when put on Obama was now openly praised in Bernie Sanders. The Left took a sharp turn in 2016, and has accelerated astronomically since then. It has truly been a stunning thing to observe.

When Trump won that election, all hell broke loose. Black Lives Matter virtually disappeared, and Antifa has risen in its stead. These “anti-fascists” believe they are the antithesis to a perceived rise in white nationalism empowered by Trump’s victory. They appear at a number of protests and happily declared that it is okay to “punch a Nazi.” They have, in fact, done so. They’ve attacked Right leaning protestors with bike locks and recently hospitalized a journalist who followed them around to shed light on their activities.

To counter Antifa, Right-wing groups called “the Proud Boys” and “Patriots Prayer” have spawned. They have a stated goal of wanting to “fist fight” with Antifa. They claim they are tired of always being called racist. As of this year, there are street level factions literally coming to blows. But that is not where the war is really being fought.

The real battle as it stands occurs in our information centers.

The Left has almost exclusive power over the media and tech companies. Democrat political operatives can be found at almost every level in Apple, Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Microsoft, etc. They own NBC, CBS, HBO, ABC, ESPN, Disney, MTV, Marvel, Star Wars, MSNBC, CNN, and almost every other channel you can name. They dictate what programing you see on television and the theaters. They create the “algorithms” that censor content on social media and other Internet platforms.

The Left, which is moving farther left every day, controls almost all information that flows through media.

The American education system, from kindergarten through college, is also dominated by Leftists. A recent Pew poll shows that well over 80% of college professors are Left. As a graduate student and teaching assistant in a sociology department, I had to either read or teach Marx in just about every class. I encountered him in some of my required courses in English and History as well. There was absolutely no escaping from Marx.

I also spent some time working in a public middle-school. Most of the teachers there also had an obviously Leftist bias. I observed many conversations in class about Trump and politics. The kids made uninformed arguments, as one would expect. Yet the teachers often agreed or at least did not correct false statements.

The Left controls our education at every level.

With the control of our information centers comes rapid and radical indoctrination. This brings me to the crux of this argument.

Far-Left Marxists in Congress – namely Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Tlaib – have been making openly hostile public statements. They have compared our border enforcement agents to Nazis on more than one occasion. They constantly drum up Holocaust rhetoric, including calling detention centers “concentration camps.” Their followers are the same ones who believe it is okay to “punch Nazis” in the face.

Like Obama, any criticism of these women is racist. They continue to ratchet up the situation, and Trump is fanning the flames. He sees it as a political game, but they do not.

Trump is a fool.

The Left has been agitating for decades. The Right is beginning to do the same. Neither side is offering any sort of resolution. Politics, which used to be one of the two things you were not supposed to speak about at the dinner table, has invaded every single aspect of our lives.

There is no escape from it. It consumes all media, including sports and children’s programs. As parents, we are forced to have discussions about taboo topics earlier because our kids will inevitably encounter them at school or on tv.

Our nation has become a pressure cooker for outrage, and there is no release.

This week, a domestic terrorist attempted to storm an immigration facility with a rifle and fire. He was emboldened by those advocating that punching Nazis is okay, and when everyone who disagrees with you is a Nazi, he felt that he could attack them with impunity. Many prominent Leftists are praising him, and most are refusing to condemn his actions.

When violence becomes accepted, it will become more common.

I fear we are at a tipping point. The 2020 election is the most polarized that I have ever seen. On one hand, you have a man who is seen to be the epitome of Nazi white supremacy. If he wins re-election, there may be an explosion of violence unseen in decades. On the other side, you have a slew of anti-capitalists who openly call for eliminating the first two Amendments of the Constitution.

Nazis vs. Marxists. This is where Europe was in the 1940s. This is where we are in 2019.

I believe civil conflict is right around the corner. If there is another recession (which is being predicted in the next 3 years or so) and another global conflict (which can happen at any time given tensions with Russia, China, and the Middle East), my decade old prediction might come to fruition.

I wish I could see a way out of this situation. I’ve tried to look for any upside, but I have yet to find one. We are already in the midst of a soft civil war, and neither side wants to be reasonable. Anti-American sentiment is at an all-time high, and confidence in Christianity is at an all-time low.

Christians, I believe we are in the final throes of this world. Soul-winning is waning, and our churches are dying. We used to be the go-to place when times were tough, but I do not think it will happen this time. Let’s try to affect as many souls as we can while we still can.

Prepare for war.

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