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The “Plandemic” Pandemic

I have been debunking the viral Plandemic video for three days now. Since I am tired of repeating myself to everyone sharing or discussing the video, I wanted to make a more complete repository of information for easier access.


Judy Mikovits is a liar and a disgrace to science. This has been a statement of fact for the past 9 years, and is still true even though Right wing conspiracy theorists are hailing her as a messiah.

She was fired from her position because of being “insubordinate and insolent” and “Mikovits’s failure to pass on a cell line that was sent to Vincent Lombardi.” Lombardi was interested in further experimentation using the cell line, but Mikovits refused.

She then proceeded to steal notebooks and equipment from her lab, left the state (Nevada to California) making her a “fugitive.” She was arrested and charged with theft and spent less than one week in jail (though she claims she was “imprisoned” for “no reason” in the film). She was released in just 4 days and ended up returning the stolen artifacts.

Mikovits’ original paper has been completely retracted. She basically plagiarized her own previous data, while changing the names of patients and experiment parameters. She also used improper controls for the study.

In other words, she is a thief, a liar, and a hack scientists. There is plenty of documentation to back all of this up.


Furthermore, her charges against Fauci are questionable.

His patents are assigned to the United States – which means he does not receive direct profits. There is no evidence that Mikovits ever even worked with Fauci – though she did work with Dr. Lipkin who did work with Fauci.

It is against the law for a university or non-profit to mass produce a vaccine without using a pharmaceutical company. So claims that Fauci is in-the-pocket of “big pharma” is a bit more complicated than is let on.

Mikovits is an outright liar when it comes to being anti-vaccine as well. In the film, she claims that she supports vaccines. However, she is a celebrity in the anti-vax world. She wrote an anti-vax book and her publisher is proudly anti-vax.

She also claims she made a strain of Ebola that infected humans in 1999, but Ebola has been infecting humans since 1976.


As to her other claims, they are thoroughly debunked by Jim Chaffee – and his claims are well sourced (I’ve used several of them already).

There are even more sources in this article.

If you are the type of conspiracy theorist who rejects ALL this information because, for some reason, you trust a 15 minute YouTube video to be more trustworthy than all of these sources, then there is just no help for you.

However, if you are on the fence about Plandemic, this should at LEAST be enough information to give you pause before sharing the video.

Sharing a poorly researched and sourced video purporting distorted misinformation to everyone you know is a pandemic against truth and sanity.

I do not want your reputation tarnished for spreading falsities. Please, do not just take my word on this stuff. Click the links, read the articles, and PLEASE do the same whenever there is a new video making the rounds.

I honestly do not know why this one caught fire, other than many people distrust Fauci and the government so much that they CRAVE anything that discredits them.

Be wise and be prudent. Do some research, or PLEASE ask me to do research for you (I am pretty good at digging for information).

I want to help you. Please help me.

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