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The Red-Green Alliance: Muslims and Marxists Unite!

Many political figures around the globe constantly call for “social justice.” This concept is the driving force behind the modern American political system, but is ingrained within religion as well.

It basically aligns Marxist political ideology with Martin Luther King Jr. style religious language. Social Justice is what was preached by President Obama’s pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, through Liberation Theology. Pope Francis has also expressed his desire for global social justice, and this thread can be found throughout the Muslim community. It seems to be the uniting force behind so many major religious groups and cannot be ignored.

Liberation Theology is Marxist at its core. It is obsessed with the oppressor/oppressed dynamic of conflict theory. Liberation Theologians often sympathize with Muslims, because they view Muslims as oppressed in the United States of America, and they focus heavily on the plight of Blacks in this country.

I mentioned my desire to look deeper into the relationship between Liberation Theology, Islam, and Black Lives Matter a few days ago. I found an article on the subject when conducting my research. In just the first few paragraphs, the authors claim that Liberation Theology was born of Catholicism and is now aligned with Black Lives Matter.

Marxism, Liberation Theology, Catholicism, and Black Lives Matter. What a collection.

But what of Muslims? How might they fit in?


According to Karagiannis and Mccauley, “No matter how unlikely it may seem, radical Leftists and Islamists have come closer in recent years.” Furthermore, “Both radical Leftists and Islamists have utilized the master frame of anti-globalization/anti-capitalism and the master frame of anti-colonialism/anti-imperialism to elicit support from the widest possible range of people.”

This alliance has already been causing problems in Europe. Avowed Socialist Fredrick V Sands wrote of the Red-Green Alliance in Denmark, “the Red-Green Alliance has held on to its socialist visions and an anchorage in a (un-dogmatic) Marxist approach to politics, where society and politics are analyzed on the basis of fundamental conflicts of interest, between labor and capital, between common people and the elites.”

An article from the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs states, “When we consider the collaboration of an activist Islamic organization, such as the MAS, with the radical-leftist ANSWER group, we may understand the broader meaning of the Red-Green Alliance.”

The Muslim American Society (MAS) “is another U.S. Muslim Brotherhood organization that was registered in 1993, and it has grown into a national organization with over fifty local chapters” and ANSWER (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism) “is a front group for the communist Workers World Party.”


Abdennur Prado writes, “ILT [Islamic Liberation Theology] proposes a radical reform of the Sharia so that it may aid the underprivileged” and “This understanding of Islam leads us to question the alienating understandings of religion. To apply these principles, it becomes necessary to form unions inspired by ILT, capable of vindicating workers rights, in contexts where Islam is state religion and where everything revolves around Islam.”

Aiding the “underprivileged” and forming “unions” for vindicating “workers’ rights.” Does this not sound like cultural Marxism where the “workers of the world unite”?

Hamid Dabashi argues, “By re-reading Emanuel Levinas in a manner that posits the prophetic Jewish visionary of the Other as a ‘Muslim’ metaphysician, by looking at Christian liberation theology of Latin America, by remembering Gandhi as the last and lasting Hindu of non-violence, and then by claiming the fact and figure of Malcolm X as a Muslim revolutionary who emerged from the most dilapidated corners of American ghettos to become a beacon of revolutionary hope the world over, and then by placing them all at the heart of a liberation theology that will have no denomination, the movement becomes universal in the very fabric of its globalized disposition.”

“A liberation theology that will have no denomination.” This sounds a lot like the desire for a “one-world” religion. In my article on the End Times, I predicted that Liberation Theology would be one of my top contenders for the one-world religion.

Dabashi ends his work saying, “In the color and character of our brother Malcolm [X] we – Muslims and otherwise – come together the rainbow coalition of a whole new promise in this world.”


Marxist ideology, Liberation Theology, and Islamism are all coming together as a “rainbow coalition” of sorts with the goals of ending capitalism and the Western way of life.

These are major political players amassing massive political power in the United States right now. They are manifesting in our cities through Antifa protests and riots.

They are infiltrating our corporations through “woke” media and Black Lives Matter propaganda.

This is an alignment of some of the most wicked ideologies in the history of mankind, and they are aligned with mostly Democrat politicians and Leftist celebrities to crush neoliberalism (their fancy word for global capitalism), destroy the traditional family, collapse the economy, are socially reconstruct our society into their communistic utopia.

They are open about their goals. This apparatus for a political coup against the U.S. has been in the works for decades. Now that the trap has been sprung, they will not reverse course. Anyone who believes the violence will dissipate the moment Joe Biden wins the 2020 election is dangerously naïve.

This Red Green Alliance is playing for keeps, and the rest of us better WAKE UP to that reality.

The second Civil War (CWII) is already happening, and we will certainly lose if more than half the country refuses to realize it.

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