Nothing is Impossible

“For with God nothing shall be impossible.”
‭‭Luke‬ ‭1:37‬

God can create the universe by speaking it into existence. He can create all life on earth in a day. He can make make humans from dust.

He created the Devil and all the angels. He can allow some of them to mate with humans. He can destroy them all with a flood.

He can replenish the earth. He can choose a peculiar people. He can create the family, the government, and religion. He can see all time and space at once.

He can live outside of three or four dimensions. He can be the same in all the strings of time. He can erase us in an instant with less than a whisper.

He can create a mathematically based universe. He can allow humans to understand some events through science. He can shroud others in mystery.

He can become human, feel pain, empathize, suffer, weep, die, conquer death, resurrect, and ascend into heaven.

He can stand in a furnace with three faithful young men and close the mouths of lions. He can show you the path for every single step we take in life.

He can live, love, hate, and be jealous.

He can allow dictators to commit genocide. He can allow diseases, famines, and pandemics. He can send plagues of boils, locusts, flies, and death.

He can Rapture His Church, punish those left behind, and judge this earth with fire.

He can destroy this earth and restore it to its Edenic glory.

He can inspire men to write His words in a book and translate those words into all languages.

He loves you and He can save your eternal soul.

He can, and He will do these things and more.

Because with God, nothing shall be impossible.

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