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The Simple Profundity of John 11:35

John 11:35 “Jesus wept.”

As a young man, I used to use this verse as a joke to prove I memorized verses. It was not until I became a man that I realized how amazing this verse is.

Jesus, the creator of the universe, almighty God in the flesh, the Prince of peace, the King of kings and Lord of lords wept.

God can cry.

Not only CAN God cry, but in this verse he cried for a sinful human being. Lazarus was a friend of Jesus. Christ knew that He would resurrect Lazarus from the dead shortly after this, yet He still wept for his friend.

Now remove Lazarus from the story and put your own name there. Jesus Christ wept for Alex. He wept for Joe. He wept for Michael, Rob, Luis, Jim, Mark, John, Lazarus, Mary, Martha, Sue, Mandy, Grace, Libby, Angela, Linda – all of us and all who we know.

Lazarus was Jesus’ friend, but we are His bride. Our Lord and Savior cares enough about us to shed tears. I pray that I am able to do the same.

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