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Rethinking the Unrest

Something to think about with all the chaos and civil unrest happening right now.
Those who are pulling down statues believe as strongly and passionately about their cause as you do about keeping those statues to remember history.
They believe in their cause as much – and possibly more – than you do about evangelizing your own religious beliefs.
As much faith as you have in God and the Bible, they have in their ideology.
Your goal is a utopia in heaven. Theirs is one on earth.
While Christians sit by and whine about not singing in church on social media, the Left is taking to the streets.
They have the fire. They have the zeal. They have the passion and the momentum.
Also consider that they don’t “hate America.” Consider for a moment that they believe in the ideals this nation was founded on, but understand that this country has never lived up to those ideals.
Consider that they want to overthrow capitalism BECAUSE they believe ALL men (and women) are created equal, but equality is not possible in the current system. They understand that the entire culture must change in order for true equality to exist.
Consider that they actually have good intentions, though you might strongly disagree with their messages and methods.
You might believe they are naive or hateful toward America, but what if they hate what America has been – not what it can be?
This is who you are dealing with – a growing number of young people who see America as a nation founded and built on slavery that did not have protections against minorities until the 1960s. By then discrimination was so ingrained into our systems that the only solution is to eliminate those systems and start fresh.
They are more dedicated and faithful to their cause than you are to yours. You likely realize that at some level – that they are affecting change and you are not. That cognitive dissonance is causing you strife. You cannot understand it, because you’ve grown soft in your comfort over the years.
You have taken your faith, your country, and your Constitution for granted.

Over the last few weeks, Christians and conservatives have expressed outrage over some Supreme Court decisions. Did anyone stage a protest? Nope.

Did thousands of Christians take to the streets in our major cities to demonstrate against the forced closures of churches at the hands of the State? Nope.

Do we see pro-life marches across the country day after day, week after week to protest the murder of babies? Nope.

Do we see the conservatives who cynically respond to “Black Lives Matter” by pointing to murder rates in Chicago taking it upon themselves to stand against the taking of Black lives in our inner cities? Nope.
But we all will sit back and criticize those who stand up for what they believe in, because we do not like they way they are protesting.
It would serve us all better to understand who we are dealing with. I have had many conversations with Marxists and Communists over the years. I have read their documents and heard their arguments.
I understand their motivations. You should take some time to do the same.

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