Let’s Talk About Rape

Rape culture. Have you heard of it? Are you aware that we allegedly live in one here in the US of A? Did you know that our college campuses have rates of sexual assault on par with the Rwandan genocide (23% if you take the highest possible estimations) where rape was used as a weapon. … Continue reading Let’s Talk About Rape

All Things Being [un]Equal

“Women are better than men,” declared heartthrob Ryan Gosling. This statement has, for whatever reason, began trending across multiple social media platforms and have feminists of all walks cheering with glee as a young, attractive man decided to tear other men down so that women can stand tall on the pedestals of power. The unwed … Continue reading All Things Being [un]Equal

Knowledge or Wisdom?

We are the most technologically advanced civilization in history, but all this knowledge has not improved our lives in any meaningful way. Sure, we have more luxury and leisure, but we are no happier than our ignorant ancestors who simply sought after things like the meaning of life or what our purpose on the planet … Continue reading Knowledge or Wisdom?

The Illegitimacy of the Legalism Label

“Legalism” has become a buzz word in the Independent Fundamental Baptist (IFB) movement lately. To paraphrase Inigo Montoya from The Princess Bride, we keep using that word, but I don’t think it means what we think it means. Let us start with the etymology. “Legal” refers to law; specifically, written law. “Ism” is an adherence … Continue reading The Illegitimacy of the Legalism Label

The Cure for Legitimation Crisis

We are staring into the eyes of what Jurgen Habermas called a “legitimation crisis.” There is a fundamental mistrust of our government, churches, media, education, legal system, and other administrative agencies that are supposed to be in place to protect us from tyranny. Regardless of our political or religious affiliations, we feel let down. This … Continue reading The Cure for Legitimation Crisis

There Can Be No Separation of Church and State

Can the “state” really be separated from the “church”? We have all heard this now famous statement as a justification for any event in which a Christian who works within a secular government system or private sector business who uses their religious Faith as a means to justify their practices at the office. But how … Continue reading There Can Be No Separation of Church and State

The Reality of Transgender Children

What would you do if your child was confused about their gender identity? This was a question posed to a group of college students, and I found their responses to be quite interesting. Answers ranged from “I don’t know” to “I would love them no matter what,” which is quite refreshing. Some of the more … Continue reading The Reality of Transgender Children

Modern Materialism and Value Giving

Consider for a moment how many of our material possessions contain little to no inherent value. No matter what technological advances we make, the objects that we acquire for our entertainment needs are essentially worth the sum of the parts that they are made with. Our homes are furnished with "things" that are not valuable … Continue reading Modern Materialism and Value Giving

The Power of the Image

The image is an intriguing construction. Not only visible, an image can also be produced through sound and touch. We can even close our eyes and create an image that is unique to our imaginations. There are natural images, such as forests or mountains. There are also socially constructed images, which are pretty much anything … Continue reading The Power of the Image

My GOP Debate Analysis

In order of winner to loser: Ted Cruz-Everything he said is exactly what I believe, and his delivery was eloquent, intelligent, and honest. He is a virtually flawless speaker, and I love that he had statistics or examples of every one of his positions. Marco Rubio-I disliked one part of one answer. When talking about … Continue reading My GOP Debate Analysis