Notes on Exodus 4-6

The skepticism and hesitation to be obedient expressed by Moses in Exodus 4-6 is telling of the human condition. 1. We always doubt God. Here is Moses talking to a bush that burns but is not consumed, and he STILL argues with God about doing what he is told. He uses the excuse that we … Continue reading Notes on Exodus 4-6

Notes on Genesis 46-47

Chapter 46 lists a number of descendants from the twelve tribes. All together, 70 souls from the house of Israel came to Egypt (v. 27). Verse 30 produces a beautiful moment when Jacob sees his son that he believed had been dead all these years. He says, "now let me die, since I have seen … Continue reading Notes on Genesis 46-47

Notes on Genesis 43-45

Ethnocentrism has existed since Cain killed Abel and was cursed by God. The children of Noah, the three main representatives of the original ethnicities, were also cursed and blessed accordingly. Their offspring have been at war with one another since Ham sodomized his drunken father. In Genesis 43:32 we see this trend continuing. The Egyptians … Continue reading Notes on Genesis 43-45

Notes on Genesis 38-40

Judah (the Messianic line) married a Canaanite woman (Hamitic) and had many sons. The firstborn, who married Tamar, was killed by God for being wicked. The second was killed by God for not being with Tamar. The Messianic line now passed through Pharez, the son of Judah and Tamar. The messy Messianic line is full … Continue reading Notes on Genesis 38-40

Notes on Genesis 35-37

Idols, images, and gods. Genesis 35:2 has Jacob (Israel) warning his family to put away their “strange gods.” This is in reference to the statues and trinkets that the family stole from Dinah’s rapists who were slaughtered in chapter 34, and the “images” (some translations say “idols”) stolen from Laban way back in chapter 31. … Continue reading Notes on Genesis 35-37

Notes on Genesis 32-34

We cannot escape our sin nature. Even after God blesses us and teaches us a strong lesson, we fall back into old habits. Several years had passed since Jacob lied and essentially stole Esau’s blessing when the two were reunited. We should note that Jacob (Israel) was in total fear of Esau (Rome) when Esau … Continue reading Notes on Genesis 32-34

Notes on Genesis 22-24

Interesting. Genesis 22:8 (KJV) "God will provide himself a lamb" and (MEV) "God will provide for himself the lamb". The King James leaves a double meaning; the lamb will be provided for God AND God will become the lamb himself. Isaac was to be sacrificed, but God decided to provide the lamb that would take … Continue reading Notes on Genesis 22-24

The Obesity Offense

I'm tired of suffering under the oppression of being fat. Obesity is socially constructed, and sometimes a person can carry around some extra weight and still be healthy. I used to watch the World’s Strongest Man competitions. While most of those guys lack washboard abs, they are strong enough to dead lift two young women … Continue reading The Obesity Offense

What is “Bad” Language?

Let us start with the idea of what vulgar language is. It is a social construction which I have never quite been able to comprehend. What makes a word like bitch, which means “female dog” less appropriate than calling someone a harlot, which is an actual human being who sells their sexual power for money? … Continue reading What is “Bad” Language?