Notes on Genesis 46-47

As Jacob (Israel) was dying, he offered up many blessings and prophecies for his children and grandchildren.

He begins by once again demonstrating that being firstborn is no guarantee that you will be blessed. Like Seth over Cain, Jacob over Esau, and Joseph and Judah over Reuben, Israel gives his blessing to Ephraim over Manasseh. Israel says of Manasseh “his younger brother shall be greater than he,” in Gen. 48:19.

Many years later, Ephraim would be larger tribe, while Manasseh’s tribe splits. Deuteronomy 33:17 says “and they are the ten thousands of Ephraim, and they are the thousands of Manasseh.” Thus, we note a fulfillment of prophecy.

The meat of this study, however, is in Genesis 49. Jacob passes on his last will and testament, while essentially giving us prophecies for each of his sons.

Reuben “shalt not excel” (Gen. 49:3-4), which is true. No leader, priest, or king ever came from his tribe.

Simeon and Levi were “instruments of cruelty” (Gen. 49:5) and because of their violent behavior in Genesis 34, they were not to be “united” (Gen. 49:6) and God will “divide them in Jacob, and scatter them in Israel.” (Gen. 49:7).

Simeon’s inheritance would come from Judah (Joshua 19:1,9) and Levi’s would come from all the children of Israel (Joshua 21:3).

Zebulun would be given access to a sea port (Gen. 49:13) – the Mediterranean Sea.

Issachar was a good land “between two burdens” who would become “a servant unto tribute” (Gen. 49:14-15). This tribe was under tribute to the Ephraimites (Josh. 16:10) and Solomon (1 Kings 9:21).

Gad will lose a battle, then take the land back.

Asher’s land will be bountiful.

Naphtali gives “goodly words.”

Benjamin is a wolf who devours in the morning and “divides the spoil” at night. Saul of Tarsus (who would become Paul – the greatest evangelist of all time) and King Saul (a type of Antichrist who tried to kill David – a type of Christ from the tribe of Judah) came from this tribe.

Joseph will be fruitful, and his blessing will transcend that of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. His blessing would flow through those of his sons, Ephraim and Manasseh (see above).

I wanted to set the last two tribes apart from the others. These are the tribes of Judah and Dan, and I believe they are connected until the very end of the Earth.

Dan shall be a judge. He is a serpent that bites the heels of a horse in an attempt to buck the rider off (Gen. 49:17) and Israel “waited for thy salvation” in verse 18. You can read more about Dan at…/…/10/notes-on-genesis-30-31/

Judah is the tribe of kings. This prophecy was made by Jacob in Gen. 49:8, 10 and was fulfilled by David whose kingly line was passed on to Jesus Christ.

Furthermore, Dan, in Deut. 33:22 was called a “lion’s whelp.” Judah, in Gen. 49:9” was also called “a lion’s whelp.”
It seems to me that Dan and Judah are linked throughout history. This only serves to strengthen the idea that the half-Jewish Antichrist comes from Dan. Who better to battle Jesus Christ, the lion of Judah, than Antichrist, the lion of Dan?

All of these prophecies were laid out between 350-400 years before the Israelites conquered their enemies and took their rightful places in the Promised Land. The regions given to the tribes may be a self-fulfilling prophecy, but the supernatural predictions of servanthood and the line of Kings could not possibly be mere coincidence. The “personalities” of the tribes over the course of hundreds of years cannot be chalked up to self-fulfilling prophecies.

Yet the prophecies remain accurate, but not all have been fulfilled.

The whelps of lions are destined to meet after the tribulation. Dan and Judah will lead their armies to Armageddon where Jesus Christ will vanquish His enemies forever. The greatest prophecy, the second advent, is coming soon.

Our fractured world is already experiencing global civil wars, and a major international financial disaster is being predicted by dozens of reputable firms. ISIS, Russia, the United States, N. Korea, and China are on the brink of another World War III, and the tiny state of Israel has become the sworn enemy of the United Nations.

These are all Biblical prophecies on the verge of becoming fulfilled. The clock is running out! The Book has been 100% accurate on all prophecies already fulfilled, do you really think it will become inaccurate now?

I don’t think so.


Notes on Genesis 43-45

Ethnocentrism has existed since Cain killed Abel and was cursed by God. The children of Noah, the three main representatives of the original ethnicities, were also cursed and blessed accordingly. Their offspring have been at war with one another since Ham sodomized his drunken father. In Genesis 43:32 we see this trend continuing.

The Egyptians (Hamites) thought it was an “abomination” to break bread with the Hebrews (Semites). Likewise, the Egyptians thought it an “abomination” to be a shepherd (Genesis 46: 34). Who are the shepherds according to the Law of First Mention? Abel, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, brothers of Joseph, Moses, David, and Jesus Christ. The fathers of the Hebrew people and Judeo-Christian religions are “abominations” to the Hamites who would later become Muslims.

Judeo-Christianity is an abomination in Egypt and has been for four millennia. Perhaps God knew this truth when he said “Therefore hear ye the word of the LORD, all Judah that dwell in the land of Egypt; Behold, I have sworn by my great name, saith the LORD, that my name shall no more be named in the mouth of any man of Judah in all the land of Egypt, saying, The Lord GOD liveth.” (Jeremiah 44:26).

Fast forward about 3900 years. Egypt in 2017 is a large Muslim nation who maintains a politically motivated “cold peace” with Israel, while most of the Egyptian citizens remain Anti-Semitic (Hitler’s Mein Kampf is a bestseller).

Anyone who believes that an American president or the United Nations could ever possibly have a hope of bringing true peace to the Middle East is living in fantasy land. This conflict predates Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. This is an ethnic battle that transcends religious differences.

The Bible does tell us that one man will bring about a temporary peace on Earth. For 3.5 years, a powerful leader will halt global conflict, including that between the Jews, Muslims, and “Christians” (using “scare quotes” because true Christians will be raptured before this). The remaining 3.5 years of the tribulation will be a horrific event that makes the most violent horror films look like G-Rated Disney flicks.

Until the Antichrist shows up, no resolution will end the desires of Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS, Al Qaeda, Taliban, etc. for exterminating the Jews and wiping Israel off the map. Ending Sykes-Picot (the agreement that ended the Ottoman Empire) will not bring peace. This is the first and longest ranging “racist” (not about skin color, mind you) battle in human history.

While Western society keeps trying to tell us that Islam is a religion of peace, that tolerance is possible, and that race, religion, culture, gender, etc. are all social constructions, the Bible tells us that God is author of history. It is by HIS design that these things occur.

The things that divide us by the color of our skin or what genitalia we have are united when we are saved and become one with Christ. His blood covers our race, gender, and ethnicity when we are welcomed into the Kingdom of God as children of the one true King.

We cannot socially construct peace. Only God can and will end this conflict forever. It will happen after the tribulation, when 2/3 of humanity perishes in terrifying earthquakes, famines, diseases, dehydration, boiling sunlight, and demonic creatures that torture those who refuse to accept Christ.

I, for one, prefer to be taken in the Rapture before the world falls apart. I want my friends, family, and colleagues who are unsaved to follow me on the road of salvation that leads to heaven through the blood of Jesus Christ.

I hope to see you all there.

Notes on Genesis 38-40

Judah (the Messianic line) married a Canaanite woman (Hamitic) and had many sons. The firstborn, who married Tamar, was killed by God for being wicked. The second was killed by God for not being with Tamar. The Messianic line now passed through Pharez, the son of Judah and Tamar.

The messy Messianic line is full of terrible characters. Adam and Eve were the first sinners. Noah got drunk and ended up being sodomized by his own son. Jacob (Israel) was a compulsive liar. Now Israel’s son, Judah, ended up being seduced by his own daughter-in-law (Tamar) pretending to be a prostitute who gave birth to yet another set of twins. We already know that twins seem to be a bit of a problem, and later we will see that Rahab, another prostitute, will be interjected into the line of Christ.

Just when you think your family is jacked up, remember that Christ’s ancestors were drunks, liars, murderers, and prostitutes.

Joseph (the greatest “type” of Christ) gains power and influence in the house of Potiphar. In Genesis 39:5 we see that God will bless the house of unbelievers (Hamitic Egyptians in this case) so long as they treat God’s people well. Sodom could have been saved had they had enough righteous people. The United States right now is being preserved for the same reason. As modern Christians abandon God, we move closer to the removal of our blessing.

Genesis 40 contains more strong references to Jesus Christ in the life of Joseph. He was an innocent man (as Christ was) in prison with two prisoners (like Christ during the crucifixion). One of the prisoners died while the other was restored (on the cross, one cursed God while the other was saved). The baker, who died, was hung on a tree, just like at the crucifixion. The butler, who was restored, returned to his position after three days (the length of time Christ was in the grave).

The “element” in the butler’s dream was wine. The “element” in the baker’s dream was bread. These are the two elements of the last supper.

The probability of these similar events occurring again 1700 years later are infinitesimal. Prophecy at its finest!

Potiphar’s wife decides to seduce Joseph, but he resists. I think that the imagery of Genesis 39:12 is powerful. “And she caught him by his garment, saying, Lie with me: and he left his garment in her hand, and fled, and got him out.”

How often are we tempted, but stick around too long? Joseph IMMEDIATELY fled the area. He did not even take the time to take his clothes. I know I have been in dangerous situations before, and all it takes is a few extra seconds of staying in that environment to convince us to stay.

Next time you are at a bar and someone offers to buy you a drink, leave. When you are at work and someone who isn’t your spouse says something dirty, leave. When you see an image on social media that makes you lust a little bit, shut it down.

It must be immediate.

Notes on Genesis 35-37

Idols, images, and gods.

Genesis 35:2 has Jacob (Israel) warning his family to put away their “strange gods.” This is in reference to the statues and trinkets that the family stole from Dinah’s rapists who were slaughtered in chapter 34, and the “images” (some translations say “idols”) stolen from Laban way back in chapter 31.

I prefer the KJV translation of “images” rather than “idols.” When I hear “idols,” I think of little statues. When I think of “images,” I think of everything that we see. When a human being worships something other than God, it is typically an image. Statues are images that are given supernatural power by our reification. So are the images on our television screens. So are the images of professional athletes, movie stars, musicians, and pastors. Images are found in art, architecture, and books. When words are spoken to us, we often create images in our mind that act as a physical representation of a spoken image.

Christianity is represented as an image; a cross. Most do not think of the cross as an idol, but it is an image. It is a symbol. Some Christians worship the symbol. I worship the God who became man and died on the cross. I need not carry this crucifix around, because my savior is no longer tied to that old rugged tree.

Another example of incest occurs in Gen. 35: 22 (Ham and Noah, Lot and his daughters, now Reuben and his stepmother) leading to another lost birthright (Cain, Esau, and now Reuben).

Fun fact: Bilhah, the woman in question, was the mother of Dan (tribe of Antichrist) and was Hamitic. Lot’s daughters were also Hamitic. Another incestual relationship was Goliath’s (Hamitic) sons who were also his brothers.

Joseph is the greatest “type of Christ” in the entire Bible. The parallels in Gen. 37 alone are 1. Loved most by his father (v. 3), hated by his brethren (in Christ’s sake, Satan and humans – v. 4), a prophet (v. 5), will be worshipped by has brethren (v. 9), envied by his brethren (v. 11), sent by his father to his brethren (v. 13), conspired against (v. 18), stripped of his clothes (v. 23), cast into a pit (v. 24), given to another to pass judgment – like the Pharisees and Pilate (v. 27), sold for pieces of silver (v. 28), a scapegoat (v. 31), his “death” devastated his father (v. 35).

Envy, once again rears its ugly head. Joseph’s brothers were jealous of him, just as Satan envies Christ, Cain and Abel, Esau and Jacob, Rachel and Leah, Saul and David, Herod and Christ, the Pharisees and Christ. “Who is able to stand against envy?” (Prov. 27:4).

God gets jealous when we worship the images mentioned above. This is why the first TWO commandments deal with God’s envy. Exodus 20: 3-5 says “Thou shalt have no other gods before me. 4.Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth: 5. thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the LORD thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me.”

Envy is the “original sin” of Satan. Wanting to be like God (envy) is the “original sin” of Adam and Eve. Sexual perversion is the “original sin” post-flood. The “first mention” of the word “sinner” is connected to the most perverse city in history whose name is synonymous with pleasure seeking and sexual deviance (Sodom). These two “original sins” of envy and sexual perversion are at the crux of almost every major political scandal and social downfall we see in America today.

It is envy that leads to Wall Street greed and the entitlement mindset of the youth. Extra-marital affairs and envious covetousness are destroying the American family. We envy the “perfect” lives of our family and friends on social media and begin to take what we have for granted. We cannot turn on the television, check our Instagram or Facebook pages, open a magazine, or listen to the radio without seeing or hearing some form of pre or extra-marital sexual images (idols). Do we worship these idols more than we do God? He is a jealous God, and we spend more time engaging in images than His Word.

If only we treated God as our idol and filled our minds with His image. How much better would we be? Romans 12:2 says “And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.”

We must renew our mind by purging it of these images, and replacing them with God’s Word. Turn of the tv and pick up The Bible. That is the key to transformation.

I am tired of conforming.

Notes on Genesis 32-34

We cannot escape our sin nature. Even after God blesses us and teaches us a strong lesson, we fall back into old habits.

Several years had passed since Jacob lied and essentially stole Esau’s blessing when the two were reunited. We should note that Jacob (Israel) was in total fear of Esau (Rome) when Esau finally caught up to Jacob in Genesis 33. Esau came humbly and respectfully. He seemed to genuinely want to bury the hatchet. However, Jacob once again LIED his way out of this confrontation for fear that it was a ruse (v. 13-15).

Israel, who had just wrestled with and was permanently injured by God (Gen. 32: 24-32), felt the pain in his newly dislocated thigh and STILL sinned against God. He was so quick to fall back to his old nature when the stress of fear was upon him.

We do this every Sunday, don’t we? We go to church and wrestle with God. We often leave aware of our inferiority and feel changed, but the very first time we face a stressful situation, the “old” self comes back. We curse, swear, lie, cheat, and turn to the bottle, needle, or empty embrace of pornography.

Jacob’s sons would grow up learning how to lie and manipulate from their old man. When their sister, Dinah, was raped (Gen. 32: 2), Simeon and Levi devised a devilish plan. They LIED to the father of the rapist, convinced the man to circumcise all his own sons, then the children of Israel entered the city and murdered every man they could find (v. 13-29).

Jacob’s sin became the sin of his children. This again should be an example to us. We often take no consideration for how children view our behavior. We think they don’t see the “bad” side of us, but they do. It almost seems genetic, but it is merely powerful socialization. If we pray out loud, go to church, exhibit unconditional love, and read our Bibles in plain view of our children, they will take notice.

They will notice when we lie, cheat, and steal as well.

None of us our perfect, but our children want us to be. We must work harder to be the person that God wants us to be, the person that we ought to be, and the person we want our children to be.

Notes on Genesis 22-24

Interesting. Genesis 22:8 (KJV) “God will provide himself a lamb” and (MEV) “God will provide for himself the lamb”.

The King James leaves a double meaning; the lamb will be provided for God AND God will become the lamb himself.

Isaac was to be sacrificed, but God decided to provide the lamb that would take his place.

Modern English Version strips away the reference to the sacrifice of God in the form of Jesus Christ as our scapegoat.

The MEV removes the deity of Christ here. This is not the only offense.

John 1:14; 18

Differences: MEV says Only Son (God has many sons; Adam, angels, fallen angels in Gen. 6) vs KJV’s only begotten (Greek: Monogene…also used in John 3:16, where MEV used begotten. Why? More familiar passage? Seems shady.) To removed begotten is to remove Christ’s deity and puts him on the same level as the angels.

The worst offender (that I have found so far) is Philippians 2:6

Differences: MEV: Jesus Christ “did not consider equality with God something to be grasped” (He could not grasp equality with God…HE IS GOD!) vs KJV: “thought it not robbery to be equal with God” (Jesus had no problem with being equal with God…HE IS GOD!) This is opposite. It is contradictory. It is WRONG!

When dealing with the Word of God, we need 100% doctrinal accuracy in our translations. If our “Bible” contradicts doctrine, then it is as valuable as a boat with a hole in it. You may not take on a ton of water at first, but you will still end up drowning.

What is Scripture?

Must be 1. God breathed 2. Written down 3. Preserved

Ex. Christ writing in the sand = Inspired and written, but not preserved.

If the KJV, which has been written and preserved for over 400 years is not Inspired, then it is not Scripture.

If the KJV is not Scripture, then the English speaking peoples have been without the Word of God for centuries!

The first two sins:

Eve removed a Word of God (Gen 3:2; “freely” in Gen 2:16-17)

Eve added to the Word of God (“touch” in Gen 3:3; Gen 2:16-17)

Last warning of the Bible:

Rev 22: 18-19

The MEV removed “begotten” from KJV AND TEXTUS RECEPTUS (and there are many other examples of the same.

How Important is God’s Word?

Ps. 138:2; 119:9, 11, 105

If a “baby Christian” is getting the wrong WORDS, then how can they be a lamp? How can they be hid in a heart?

Can anyone argue the “fruits” of the KJV?

Regardless of which texts were inspired in other languages and throughout history, which is inspired NOW!

Do we have God’s inspired, infallible, preserved Word NOW? If so, what is it?

If my KJV and MEV (or any translation) contradict, then one MUST be more accurate than the other. By removing the deity of Christ in even one single verse (there are several), the MEV violates doctrine. It is corrupt.

The Obesity Offense

I’m tired of suffering under the oppression of being fat. Obesity is socially constructed, and sometimes a person can carry around some extra weight and still be healthy. I used to watch the World’s Strongest Man competitions. While most of those guys lack washboard abs, they are strong enough to dead lift two young women or pull a plane strapped to a harness on their backs. Various cultures have changed the definition of “fat” throughout history. It is not a constant variable. In some cultures, being chubby is viewed as a positive symbol of fertility, strength, or security. If a concept can mean different things to different cultures across time, then it must be a socially constructed idea.

You may not realize this, but there is a skinny bias which you slim people probably aren’t even aware exists. Your thin privilege helps you when interviewing for jobs, when searching for a mate, and even when you try on clothes. I, however, am treated like the “other.” I rarely see images of people who look like me on television, movies, or commercials. I never see an Abercrombie and Fitch ad with chunky folk. Where is the romantic comedy with two overweight people, coming together to find love? Fat people do show up in comedies from time to time, but usually as bumbling idiots or brash humorists who are insensitive and mean. The stereotype of the “funny fat guy/girl” has been perpetuated in all facets of the media. It shows that my people only seem to exist to be laughed at. Do you realize that it’s a big reason why so many of us are introverts who are afraid to come out of our shells? Being ridiculed for being different is something which many other groups have suffered, but they all love to laugh at us.

There are genetic factors at play as well. I have a family history of fat people, therefore I believe that I am fat based on biological principles, rather than by choice. It is hard-wired into my DNA, and I can’t change it without surgery. No matter what diet I try, or how often I work out, I still cannot lose enough fat to slide comfortably into my assigned BMI category. According to a June 2013 Time Magazine article, they have discovered various genetic mutations in mice which translate to humans whose effects range from increased craving of high fat foods to realizing that some people simply “sequestering fat rather than breaking it down for energy.” So not only has the definition of obesity changed over time in our society, but I may be at risk for genetic issues which would keep me in the obese category no matter what I do.

Healthy eating may not be as easy as prescribed in the media. For those of us fat people who are also on the lower rungs of the socio-economic status ladder, we may not be able to just go out and afford grass fed beef, almond milk, or gluten free flour. Whether our genetic disposition is a factor or not, some of us have no choice but to eat less healthy alternatives. MSG in fast food makes it addictive, but it is often cheaper to eat at McDonald’s than at home. It is much less expensive to by 80% lean meat than 93%. Canned vegetables are worse for you, but cost less than their fresh counterparts. So you see, even grocery stores seem to be against us.

I think we need to stand up for rotund rights! Let us march on Washington D.C. and demand that fat people get our own special protected class! Businesses should no longer be able to discriminate against the double-chinned. The media must stop the portrayal of only the skinny to sell products! We deserve equality! Michelle Obama can rally against childhood obesity all she wants, but as one who is clearly not genetically predisposed to being fat, she is simply exerting her own thin privilege in trying to combat an illness which may not be treatable. It would be akin to wearing a $12,000 dress to a party while telling the rest of us that she understands poverty and we all need to suck it up and spend less on extravagance during these tough economic times. Instead of trying to force all of us to fit into the skinny person hierarchy, we should focus on removing the negative labels and stereotypes affecting all of us. This is the civil rights issue of our time!